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Best Recipes of 2021 (The 10 Most Popular, EASY Recipes of the Year)

~ These are our most popular, very best easy recipes from 2021! Healthy, delicious and simple … exactly what we all needed amidst such a trying, tumultuous year. But no doubt, these recipes have staying power far beyond 2021, too, and are destined to be favorites for years to come! Did your own fave make the list??? ~

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Another One for the History Books

Oh, 2021 … you didn’t really turn out like we’d expected. Or like we’d hoped. Right along with good ol’ 2020, you’ll go down in the history books.

You tested us, pushed us. Taught us to be nimble, to think outside the box, to be prepared to quickly change course (again and again).

And, perhaps most of all, you taught us about how important health is, and about treasuring family and friends.

Because of that and because dining out wasn’t always an option cooking at home took on renewed importance last year.

But now, maybe more than ever before, we all want our cooking to be healthier … and oh-my-goodness we just want it to be EASY. (Because so many other things feel so darn hard these days.)

No doubt, 2021 was all about healthy … and EASY.

And that’s exactly the type of recipes Two Healthy Kitchens is all about. It’s our specialty!

The Best of the Best

And so, as we throw our arms open wide, welcoming 2022 with renewed hopefulness – it’s once again the perfect time to offer a standing ovation to the highlights and bright spots of 2021. The recipes that rose to the top, from among an entire year of healthy, easy recipe faves.

These are the 10 brand-new 2021 recipes that you made the most popular. The most read, most re-read, most cooked (based on how frequently each recipe was viewed).

As a sidenote, there were also several informational posts and recipe collections that would have ranked in the top 10, but we’re strictly highlighting your favorite new recipes here. If you’re interested, though:

  • You guys also went bonkers for our collection of Cute Christmas Appetizers (which really was SO much fun)! Psssst … be sure to bookmark that one for next Christmas.

But let’s get back to the main event here … to the individual, very most popular, BEST recipes of 2021 … as chosen by YOU, our readers!

Our Best Recipes of 2021

Our Turn to Pick! (Our Family’s Favorite Recipes of 2021)

I don’t share recipes my family doesn’t love, so every year it’s a little sad that only 10 of our heart-throb favorites can be in the Top 10. (But, you know, it’s not a Top 10 if it includes 52 recipes!)

There are so many things that can cause a recipe to miss out on the Top 10. Maybe I named the recipe something not-obvious, so it was hard for people to search it out. Or maybe it was a recipe that got added to the site really late in the year, so there just wasn’t much time for it to gain popularity before the year ended.

Still, it’s sad that allllll our beloved recipes can’t be jammed into the Top 10!

So, every year, my family cheers itself up by each choosing an additional recipe that didn’t quite make it into the “most viewed” Top 10 (but really should have!).

For 2021, these are OUR picks …

Thank You, Our Treasured Readers!

Thank you all for trusting THK (for nearly 10 years now!) to help you find healthy, easy recipes you know your family will enjoy. Thank you for turning to us for inspiration for recipes that become “regulars” and that you 100% know you can rely on, time and again.

Your trust means so much to us.

And, your lovely recipe reviews and enthusiastic comments inspire us to keep going … to keep on creating new, fresh recipe ideas and sharing our own family’s favorites.

Cheers to 2022 … and to every single one of you.

And most of all, thank you.

~ by Shelley


  1. Thanks for this quick review.
    There were several recipes that I managed to miss!
    The printer will be running today!
    Happy New Year THK!!

  2. I’ve enjoyed so many of your recipes and I thank you for your help since we still aren’t eating in restaurants. However I’m giving serious thought to leaving you something in my will for your Blueberry Overnight Oatmeal. I can’t get enough of it!!!!

    1. Oh, Betsy! This seriously might be the best (and most hilarious) comment I’ve ever received – thank you so very much! And my goodness, YES – we all adore that Blueberry Overnight Oatmeal around my house, too (and I particularly love that it makes breakfast time so easy)! If you’re gonna write me into your will, though LOL, I feel like I should at least suggest that you might also like to try our Apple Overnight Oats or (in the summer when peaches are terrific) our Praline Peach Overnight Oats, too! 😉 Happy, Happy New Year! ~Shelley

      1. Awwww … you’re the best! And it sounds like I need to book you as an honorary taste-tester LOL! Thank you for being such a loyal fan – and for your wonderful feedback and encouragement! 😀 ~Shelley

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