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Best Recipes of 2020 (10 Quick and Easy Fan Favorites)

 ~The BEST Recipes of 2020 … reader favorites that managed to make a really bad year a little bit better. Even if you want to completely forget that most of 2020 ever happened, trust me: these are recipes you’ll definitely want to remember, and make again and again! ~

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It feels kind of weird to use “Best” and 2020 in the same sentence. So much about last year was completely not the best.

But, 2020 actually was also a year when more and more people found joy in cooking together at home. That’s a win. And it was definitely a year when we all focused more than ever on being healthy … including eating more healthfully. Another win.

So, it’s not surprising that deliciously easy, healthy recipes (THK-style!) were actually a bright spot in a pretty dismal year.

And now that we’ve kicked 2020 right out the door (good riddance!), I decided that I couldn’t resist lining up the year’s most popular, very best recipes – sorting through to see which of my family’s favorites became favorites for you and your family, too.

It’s an annual ritual I’ve looked forward to every year, from back when I started this site nearly 8 years ago. And no matter how many rituals and celebrations 2020 ruined, I wasn’t going to let it ruin this one, too!

So, how many of these “Best Recipes” have you tried already? And which one did you somehow miss … that you absolutely can’t wait to make next???

Take a peek, and see if your personal favorite made our list …

Best Recipes of 2020

Our Own, Personal Favorite Recipes of 2020

One last little ritual I always enjoy: after I sort out which recipes were the most viewed, most popular among our readers, it’s fun to look at which ones didn’t make the Top 10.

Ok ok, it’s actually a little sad – like some of my children didn’t get picked for the team.

But I usually know that it’s because maybe I happened to name that particular recipe something not-obvious, so it was hard for people to find. Or maybe I added it to the site really late in the year, so there just wasn’t any way it could get many eyeballs on it and gain popularity before the year ended.

I mean, I don’t post recipes I don’t love, so as far as I’m concerned, all my “children” are awesome … which is why I try to give them one last chance to “make the team.”


Well, each member of my family takes a look at the recipes that didn’t make it to the “Top 10 Best Recipes” list, and we each choose a personal favorite out of those. One that absolutely should be in the Top 10, one that’s totally bestedy-bestest in our opinion!

For 2020, these are the ones we think should make the team, too …

More of Our Very BEST Recipes

Psssst … in case you missed some, here’s where you can find all of our most popular recipes:

Welcome, 2021!

Oh, how we’ve been dreaming of you … and you’re finally here!

There’s an awful lot about 2020 that we just want to forget. But these recipes, and the joy we once again discovered in cooking – well, that’s all something that is definitely worth remembering!

We’ll take that with us into 2021 … with gleeful anticipation of more delicious new recipes to come …


    1. What a sweet comment, Susan! You’re so very welcome, and I’m thrilled to hear that lots of your favorites are here. Hopefully you’ll find many more THK “best recipes” ahead in 2021! Happy New Year! ~Shelley

  1. I agree that stuffed peppers with quinoa is on of your best recipes of 2020! My family loves it. I use hot chicken sausage and cut the peppers in half – they were too mushy when I quartered them. It’s a healthy tasty hit!

    1. I’m thrilled to hear it, Sheila! My family loves it, too! Great idea on the hot chicken sausage (YUM!) – both my son and husband would really enjoy that spicier variation! And good solution on the peppers – one other thought is too cook your casserole slightly less long if you like your peppers more lively (we prefer that, too) – as long as your quinoa is done and the sausage cooked, you can pull the casserole out whenever you’re happy with the doneness of the peppers. Oh! And since you like this recipe so much, be sure to try our very similar Stuffed Zucchini Boat Casserole (especially if you have an over-abundance of zucchini this summer! 😉 ) and our Chicken Fajita Quinoa Bake. They both have the same one-pan, no-precooking simplicity – yay! Happy New Year to you and your family, Sheila – hope it’s a terrific 2021 for you! ~Shelley

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