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The 10 Best Recipes of 2023

Your Favorite EASY, Healthy Recipes of the Year!

~ Are you surprised? (I was!) Take a mouth-watering peek at what made the “Top 10” list of our most popular recipes of 2023! Did your own, personal favorite win out this year? And which can’t-miss recipe are you gonna try next?!? ~

Collage of 4 recipes (pasta skillet, soup, dip and casserole) with central text overlay "10 Best Recipes of 2023".

It’s been nearly 11 amazing years since this website launched, and every single year this ritual is one of my favorites: looking back at the year-gone-by to find out which of our new recipes our readers (that’s you!) loved the very most.

Sometimes you surprise me.

Like when something that I thought wouldn’t resonate with you (no matter how much my own family loves it), actually ends up crazy-popular.

Honestly, though, since we only share recipes that we adore (and that our family has fully, thoroughly tested!), I truly do love ALL my recipes. Kinda the way a mother loves ALL her children.

So … whichever recipes our readers love most – well, I always have to agree, really – because, of course, I love them, too!

But yeah, there were still a couple surprises again this year.

Take a look and see if there are any surprises here for you (and maybe pick a new recipe to try tomorrow!) …

Best Recipes of 2023

Top Recipe Collections, Too!

We always highlight just the top recipes in our annual Top 10 list. But, there were several of our showcase recipe collections that clinched top spots last year, too.

In particular, you enjoyed these:

Thank You for Trusting Us for 11 Years!

Wow. Amazing. 11 YEARS!

We are so truly thankful to each of you.

  • For welcoming our family’s favorite recipes into your kitchen.
  • For trusting us to bring you recipes that we’ve tested, tested and tested some more – exhaustively, until they’re the best they can be.
  • For cheering us on, leaving lovely comments and 5-star ratings, and sharing us with your friends.

Your trust and your unwavering support mean so much to us.

We couldn’t do this without you, our wonderful readers and fans.

Thank you – each of you – for 11 delicious years!

I can’t wait to show you what we’ve got planned for 2024!

~ by Shelley

Square collage of 4 recipes (chicken salad, taco soup, egg scramble and green beans) with text overlay "10 Best Recipes of 2023".

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