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The BEST Healthy Energy Balls Recipes

~ These Energy Balls recipes are the perfect healthy snacks anytime you need quick (delicious!) energy. With lots of mouth-watering flavors (cookie dough, anyone??), they’re terrific for on-the-go breakfasts, mid-day nibbling, and even as guilt-free treats and desserts. Loaded with great nutrition – they’ll keep you feeling satisfied and powered up for hours! Plus, you can make all these no bake Energy Bites in just minutes, and they freeze beautifully, too! ~

These Recipes Are All:     Ready in 30 Minutes or Less    Freezable    Make Ahead    Vegetarian   Some are Gluten Free

Nothing exemplifies our core values at Two Healthy Kitchens better than these Energy Ball recipes.

They’re everything we believe in:

Quick. Healthy. Easy. And so very delicious!

These tick every single box.

Why Energy Bites Are So Terrific!

These recipes are all swoon-worthy-yummy. You know we test, test, and test again until every recipe passes our taste tests with flying colors!

Pinnable collage of four recipe photos with text overlay reading "Easy • Healthy No-Bake Energy Balls Recipes".

And these Energy Ball recipes are specifically designed to be totally easy-peasy. Plus, they’re all:

  Loaded with lots of whole grains, fiber, complex carbs and protein.

  Filling enough to keep you satisfied until the next meal, but not so dense that they bog you down or sit heavy in your stomach. Perfect pre-workout snacks!

√  No bake. You won’t even have to fire up the oven!

  Quick to make (with easy-to-follow recipes).

  Make ahead and freezable. Our family always keeps a gallon bag (or two!) full of energy bites in our freezer, ready for snack emergencies.

√  Perfectly bite-sized for quick, on-the-go fueling up!

I guess it’s pretty clear by now: we LOOOOOOVE these. (And you will, too!)

In fact, our very first recipe post was one of these energizing bite-sized balls.

Snack Bites: The Little Energy Balls That Truly Started It All

From day one – starting with our first-ever post on April 18, 2013 – Energy Balls (or “Snack Bites” as we like to call ’em) have been an integral part of THK. They even helped define our site’s niche (easy, healthy and delicious!).

Ingredients for making energy balls, displayed in little bowls with colorful measuring spoons near.

And for our family, they instantly became our go-to snack for fueling our busy days and our countless, loving hours of work on our site. (Seriously … I’ve already munched on several of these babies in the time I’ve been writing these words.)

These Energy Bites can fill in for breakfast and tide you over ’til lunch. They’ll power you through a particularly tough soccer game or a surprisingly long meeting. Whatever your day holds, they’ve got your back!

Through the years, we realized they’re so much more than just “Snack Bites” – they’re ENERGY BITES! Perfect any time of day, whenever you need an energy boost (stat!!).

They’re seriously even yummy enough to stand in as a virtuous, guilt-free dessert.

Oh my goodness, these are really just the best, always. The ball that started it all!

And now … the moment you’ve been waiting for: our list of the absolute BEST healthy Energy Balls recipes!

We’re so excited to share this collection with you because we know how much you’ll love them!

Try ’em all … and find a favorite (or two … or three).

Healthy Energy Balls Recipes

Energy bites piled in white oval dish on multi-colored, striped cloth, with extra balls and ingredients laying around nearby.

Peanut Butter Energy Balls (“Original” Quick and Healthy Snack Bites)

Our original Energy Balls recipe! In fact, this was the very, very first recipe we ever posted! And even after all these years, it’s still among our readers’ most beloved recipes. These are the classics, the originals, the tried-and-true favorites of kids and adults alike. Try a batch, and you’ll be hooked, too!

A white bowl piled with energy balls, with additional balls spread around it on brown parchment.

Granola Energy Balls

The granola adds a wonderful little crunch to complement the sweet dried fruit and nourishing peanut butter. This yummy version of our favorite, healthy snack has powered our family through some really unforgettable adventures (and it’s surely the snack you need on your next adventure, too)!

Closeup of the first ball in a row of 4 energy bites, laying on black wood with extra nuts and coconut sprinkled around.

Walnut Oatmeal Energy Balls

Combining all of the goodness of a delicious bowl of maple-walnut oatmeal … with the mess-free portable snacking of our Energy Balls. A perfect breakfast to grab as you dash out the door for your action-packed day!

A dozen or so finished energy bites in a clear glass triangular dish, with 3 laying in front - all on purple cloth backdrop.

“Almond Joy” Almond Butter Energy Balls

If you hang around this site much, you know that Almond Joy candy bars are one of my favorite flavor combos to experiment with. And (oh joy!) this Energy Ball recipe packs those candy bar flavors into a perfectly snack-sized, healthy treat!

A batch of balls in a turquoise bowl with measuring spoon of cocoa powder and chopped peanuts in front of it.

“Peanut Butter Cup” Chocolate Peanut Butter Energy Balls

Hey – anybody love Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups?!? (I see all those hands waving in the air!) Well, this one’s for you! These Energy Bites showcase the always-popular, blissful marriage of chocolate and peanut butter … with a little crunch from crushed cashews to really put it over the top. Mmmmmmm … you’re in for an addictively satisfying, energizing snack!

Several energy balls stacked in a tall, clear glass parfait cup.

“Cookie Dough” Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Energy Balls

At first we couldn’t believe our taste buds. Could it really be true??? Yes … this wonderful concoction actually tastes like no-bake cookie dough! But, of course, it’s a healthy snack full of nutrient-rich energy. Grab one to curb those dessert cravings, too!

Closeup of one ball on a white paper square on a brown paper backdrop with more energy balls piled in a bowl behind.

Peanut Butter and Jelly Energy Balls

Peanut butter and jelly: a classic “culinary” combo. But, with these scrumptious energy-packed bites, PB&J just got so much less messy … and so much more portable!

Closeup of finished energy bite, with several more balls in background and ingredients like coconut flakes laying around.

Tropical Date Energy Balls with Chia Seeds

What would be the first thing you’d do when you landed on a beautiful, tropical island? Yup! I know you said “snack on island food.” Me too! Take a trip to that tropical island anytime with our Tropical Energy Balls! Protein-rich almonds, chewy coconut and a delicious hint of pineapple. Yummy!

After scrolling through this list, I hope you’re as excited to whip up a batch of Energy Bites as we are! (My freezer is so sad today, without a big bagful at-the ready … time for me to make some more!)

But, you might still have some lingering questions about our Energy Balls recipes, and we’re here to help!

Energy Ball FAQs & Tips

Are Energy Balls Good for You?

Yes! Our Energy Balls are packed with all kinds of nutrients your body needs to refuel and stay energized – including whole grains, fiber, complex carbs, and protein!

Why Are They Such Great Power Snacks?

These little power bites have protein to keep you running at a sustained energy level, fiber to keep you feeling full, whole-grains, which are packed with essential nutrients, and complex carbs to give you a boost of energy.

How Do You Make Healthy Energy Balls?

All of our Energy Ball recipes are super easy. You basically just put your ingredients in a big bowl and stir everything together. Then, you pack them into little balls, about 1-inch in size. Some of our recipes include directions for making your own nut butters to start, if you’d prefer to make your own instead of purchasing it.

Do Energy Bites Have to Be Refrigerated?

Regardless of the nut butter you use, they will keep much better, and longer, in the refrigerator. But definitely, if your nut butter is homemade or one of the natural brands that needs to be refrigerated, then your Energy Balls should be stored in the fridge, too.

Can You Freeze Energy Balls?

Yes, you can definitely freeze any of our Energy Balls! In fact, we highly suggest making a big batch and keeping them in the freezer for emergency snacking.

How Long Can They Stay in the Freezer?

Energy Balls freeze beautifully for quite a while! They should be great for at least 3 months in the freezer, but gosh, I doubt they’ve ever made it that long without being eaten.

With these healthy snacks all made up and ready, you’ll never have to reach for empty-calorie, junk snacks again! When the munchies strike, you’ll always be ready!


    1. Hi, Janell. Just click on any of the individual Energy Ball recipes featured in this list – whichever recipe you’re interested in making. You’ll be taken to the specific page for that specific recipe – it will include a recipe card with precise measurements for that recipe, and will also include nutrition information at the bottom of the recipe card. Hope you love these as much as my family does! 😀 ~Shelley

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