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30+ Boneless Chicken Breast Recipes

 ~ Boneless chicken breast recipes are a weeknight go-to in most American kitchens. We’ve got lots of new ideas to keep your weeknight standby deliciously interesting, night after night! ~

No doubt, chicken is one of the most common meals on this country’s dinner tables. It’s easy to grab a package of chicken at the market, it’s relatively cost-effective, and the possibilities are practically endless. 

They’ve really got everything going for them!

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Are Chicken Breasts Healthy?

They definitely are! (Especially without the skin.)

Compared to red meat, and even to dark chicken meat, white chicken breast meat is leaner and lower in fat. And of course, it’s also a great source of protein.

One note about keeping chicken breasts as healthy as possible, though: be sure to remove the skin to decrease unwanted extra calories and fat.

Usually, when you buy boneless chicken breasts, the skin has already been removed for you, too. If not, simply remove the skin either before or after cooking (depending on your recipe) to cut down on the higher fat and calories the skin contains.

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Boneless Chicken Breast Recipes – Versatile & Easy to Cook!

There are just so many ways to cook chicken breasts!

You can bake them, grill them, use them in casseroles, add them to soups, slowly simmer them in a crock-pot, quick-cook them in an Instant Pot … the list goes on and on!

And, to make meals even easier, they’re absolutely fantastic to pre-cook for meal prep later in the week. Or, of course, you can grab a rotisserie chicken at the market and swap that into lots of recipes like chicken salads and sandwiches – without actually cooking the chicken yourself at all. When time is really tight, somebody else can cook the chicken for you! (I do this all the time!)

But what about the often-heard complaint that chicken breast meat is too dry? 

It certainly doesn’t have to be!

How to Avoid Dry Chicken Breasts

Properly cooked chicken breast meat should be succulent and juicy.

Closeup of a white oval dish filled with shredded chicken breast meat, ready to use in a recipe.

They key is to avoid overcooking it, which is a sure-fire way to dry it right out. Some suggestions:

• Invest in a good meat thermometer. Many people overcook chicken to the point of dryness because they’re afraid of eating it undercooked. A meat thermometer will help you get it right every time. The safe temperature for cooking chicken is 165ºF. But remember that, through carryover cooking, meat continues to cook a little further, even once you’ve removed it from the heat.

• Moist cooking methods like the slow cooker are champs for helping you avoid the dryness problem.

• And lots of great toppings and additional flavors can help to conceal slightly overcooked chicken, if you do happen to go a bit too far. Similarly, a good sauce can do wonders, too.

When they’re cooked to delicious perfection, there’s really no question why boneless chicken breasts are so popular!

Getting Out of the “Boring Chicken” Rut

But sometimes people just get into a bit of a rut, cooking the same things over and over … and over. So, not surprisingly, chicken breasts can get a bit of a bad rap for being boring. 

But they sure don’t have to be!

We’re gonna inspire you with brand-new dinnertime ideas that’ll make you fall in love with chicken all over again! Buckle up … dinner isn’t going to be the same after you get a peek at these …

Boneless Chicken Breast Recipes

I've divided these recipes into various sections, from slow cooker to baking to grilling, etc. – so you can easily find exactly the delicious, easy, boneless chicken breast recipes you want to make next!

Chicken Breast Slow Cooker Meals

Throw some boneless, skinless chicken breasts in your slow cooker ... and magic happens while you spend your day NOT thinking about dinner! Niiiiiice!

Slow Cooker Chicken Soups and Stews

With protein-packed chicken breasts as their base, all of these recipes are filling enough to be a meal. Hearty and comforting ... and so darn easy in your crock pot!

You'll love coming home to these recipes after a busy day!

Baked Chicken Breasts (Sheet Pan and Casserole)

Baked chicken breasts sound so ho-hum, don't they? Kinda plain and uneventful. I hear ya – but these recipes are bursting with big, BIG flavors, and are pretty much guaranteed to change your mind!

Grilled Chicken Breasts

Boneless, skinless chicken breasts are terrific on the grill. An easy and nutritious summer dinner idea, with no need to heat up the kitchen!

Instant Pot Chicken Breast Ideas

Where are my Instant Pot fans out there?!? (Yeah ... I see a lot of hands waving in the air!)

Instant Pots are a weeknight timesaver, and their pressure cooking method can do a really lovely job with boneless chicken breasts.

Air Fryer Chicken Breast Ideas

Air frying offers the coveted joys of deep frying … without all the mess, calories and fat.

And, air fryer recipes are typically quick, too – perfect for busy weeknights!

The Easiest of Easy Dinners: Hearty Salads Featuring Chicken Breasts You Can Cook Ahead!

A favorite strategy of mine for creating EASY chicken recipes?

Whenever you're cooking chicken breasts for one recipe, cook a few additional to have on hand later in the week for a second meal.

These salad recipes showcase delicious ways of elevating pre-cooked boneless chicken breasts to superstar status.

(And hey, in a pinch, you can grab a rotisserie chicken at the grocery store and use the breast meat in these recipes, instead of cooking your own. Busy week? We've gotcha covered!)

MORE Ideas to Leverage Already-Cooked Chicken Breasts!

Loving our idea to keep pre-cooked chicken breasts on hand, so you can re-invent them for additional meals throughout the week?

Oh yeah!

It's such a total lifesaver hack for busy people!

Batch cook those boneless chicken breasts (or, in a pinch, grab a rotisserie chicken) ... and dinner is moments away!

No doubt about it – those boneless chicken breasts you just grabbed at the market don’t seem so boring now, do they?


There are just so many delicious possibilities.

The only problem is: where ya gonna start?!?

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