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Quick and Easy Cinco de Mayo Recipes

~ Easy Cinco de Mayo recipes you’ll want to make all year long! Whether you’re looking for quick, easy taco recipes … or more unique twists to change things up a little! We’ve got make-aheads and slow cooker recipes, fast appetizers and even Mexican-inspired burgers! Grab your piñata and a Mariachi band, and let the party begin! ~

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We’ve told you all about how our family loves any excuse to turn any-ol-day into a full-on parrr-tay! How my husband can’t resist a chance to create a little extra fun and silliness. And how we have bin after bin, carefully organized in our basement, full of party supplies for obvious holidays – like birthdays and Halloween – and also for completely made-up festivities – like our annual Fish-Off Bash.

And also … for Cinco de Mayo!

A quick trip to my basement to root through our party bins, and I’m armed and ready with multiple sombreros, festive maracas, tchotchke ponchos, Mariachi vests, and chili-pepper-shaped sunglasses. Everything we need to make Cinco de Mayo memorable … even on a middle-of-the-week school night. 

Suddenly a ho-hum, busy evening turns into an event! Even if we’ve only got a few minutes to wear those sombreros before dashing off to homework or soccer practice.

But, besides sombreros and maracas, what else do we need?


Quick and easy Cinco de Mayo recipes I can throw together in a jiffy (maybe even earlier in the day or the day before!) … and that everybody loves! In fact, if your family is anything like our family, you’ll be making these recipes all year long, not just on Cinco de Mayo.

Traditional … and Unique Cinco de Mayo Recipes!

We’ve got some basics for ya – like our Crock-Pot Chicken Taco recipe. So simple, so classic, so delicious. And Shrimp Tacos piled high with Mexican-inspired toppings. Addictive.

But honestly, most of these recipes go a bit beyond the ordinary, with a unique twist or an unusual spin on ingredient combinations. They’re a perfect way to shake up your Cinco de Mayo festivities (or your Taco Tuesday theme night dinners … or any meal, anytime)!

Mexican Ravioli Lasagna?!? Really?!? Yesssss! Trust me – you need it!

Mediterranean Chicken Tacos?!? Wait … is that even a thing? Hey, why not? They’ve got all the fun make-’em-anyway-you-like-’em appeal of traditional tacos, but they’re the perfect answer when you’re just not in the mood for tradition! (Oh yeah … and they’re so easy in your slow cooker, too. Boom!)

Or how about some juicy, beefy burgers … with some insanely delicious Mexican flair? I mean, who says you have to serve tacos and burritos for Cinco de Mayo? No rules here – why not think outside the box this year?

Delicious … Healthy … and EASY Recipes!

But from traditional to really unique, what do all these recipes have in common?

1) They’re quick and easy! Just the way we like things here at THK! Whether that means you can make them ahead of time, or that they cook (totally hands-off) in your crock-pot, or that you can use handy shortcuts like store-bought rotisserie chicken. These are totally do-able, totally perfect for even busy weeknight celebrations (sombreros optional)!

2) They’re healthier! Because, you know … that’s how we do things at Two Healthy Kitchens. Nutritional tweaks and upgrades mean you can actually feel terrific about serving these to the people you love. (Which is really a reason to parrrrr-tay!)

3) They’re DELICIOUS! Tried-and-true family favorites. If we didn’t love ’em, we wouldn’t have posted them to share with you. So no matter how nutritious (and easy!) they are, nobody’s even going to notice or care. They’ll be too busy reaching for a second helping! 

So what will you choose? Maybe a classic taco? Or a totally unique recipe twist to surprise your family? Hmmmmm … decisions … decisions …

Quick and Easy Cinco de Mayo Recipes

Oh yeah! These Easy Cinco de Mayo recipes have ya covered ... whether you're in the mood for something traditional, or something super unique! So simple that even you – the cook – can relax and enjoy the fiesta!

Whichever recipe you’re planning to try next, I hope you and your family will love it just as much as our family does! 

Happy Cinco de Mayo, friends!

Fun inspiration for EASY Cinco de Mayo recipes! Perfect for quick family meals or for big Cinco de Mayo parties! From easy taco recipes ... to more unique twists to change things up a little! So many great ideas! We've got make-aheads and slow cooker recipes, fast appetizers and even Mexican-inspired burgers! Grab your piñata and a Mariachi band, and let the party begin! | cinco de mayo party ideas food | cinco de mayo recipes easy | tacos | Mexican food recipes | www.TwoHealthyKitchens.com

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