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What to Serve with Prime Rib: Side Dishes for Christmas and Celebrations

~ Wondering what to serve with prime rib for Christmas or some other special occasion? Try traditional favorites like Yorkshire Pudding, mashed potatoes, roasted vegetables, and buttery mushrooms … or make some unique new twists and upgrades that will truly make your prime rib menu feel like a celebration! ~

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A prime rib dinner isn’t something most people just whip up on a casual weeknight.

It’s the kind of meal that signals a celebration, so you want it to feel special, to look really beautiful, and to taste fantastic.

But it doesn’t have to be difficult to create a memorable menu, full of the very best side dishes to highlight your beautiful roast. I’ve definitely gotcha covered!

All Kinds of Prime Rib Sides Dishes

I’ve hand-picked 45 prime rib side dishes for you to choose from. You’ll find:

  • classic accompaniments that let your prime rib shine
  • some especially Christmas-y options with festive colors or winter produce for a holiday feast
  • and some extra-creative, unique recipes, if you’d like to venture beyond the typical accompaniments

I’ve also intentionally selected mostly easy side dishes.

So, while they may look and taste ultra-special, they’ll be simple enough for a busy host or hostess. Because making a memorable meal should be fun, even for the cook – not difficult and stressful. Plus, selecting easy sides will let you focus more time and attention on the main event … that gorgeous prime rib!

Lastly, you may also notice that a lot of these recipes offer ways for you to keep the side dishes a bit fresher and lighter.

You can balance out the rich, succulent roast with lots of vegetable side dishes that aren’t overly bogged down in excess cream or butter. Keeping that in mind is key to crafting a prime rib menu that feels abundant and satisfying, without leaving your guests uncomfortable from excess richness.

Grab a pencil and your shopping list, and pick out the perfect side dishes to surround that lovely prime rib.

The hardest part will be deciding which to choose ….

What to Serve with Prime Rib for Christmas or ANY Special Occasion!

Wait … Do You Have Your Recipe for the Prime Rib???

So, now you’ve got lots of great options for what to serve with prime rib … BUT … do you still need a recipe for the main course – for the actual rib roast itself?

No problem! Check out these highly rated ideas for a show-stopping roast:

Tips for Buying Your Prime Rib

Never bought prime rib before? It’s handy to know that, according to Food Network, at the market or grocery store, you’ll likely see prime rib called “standing rib roast.”

And, don’t be confused by the “prime” in the term “prime rib”: it doesn’t mean that the meat is necessarily USDA prime grade steak. While it certainly is possible to purchase more expensive, “prime grade” prime rib, that’s not automatically the case just because “prime” is in the name.

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Need More Recipes for a Holiday Dinner Party?

#1 Appetizers – We have oodles of great appetizer and first-course ideas to kick off a prime rib meal:

#2 Even More Side Dishes – In addition to all the sides showcased above, we have plenty more ideas for more casual options, summer-y sides like Grilled Potatoes, and even super-fast “cheater” sides like our ultra-quick Salad with Nuts, Feta and Cranberries or these Shortcut Frozen Green Bean Recipes.

#3 Non-Meat Alternatives – And, if you need a second, vegetarian main dish option on your Christmas menu, as an alternative to your prime rib recipe, try one of these pretty Christmas Main Dish Vegetarian Recipes. Trust me … the vegetarian guests at your dinner party will feel so special and pampered!

Whew … that’s a lot of recipe inspiration for ya!

No doubt, whether you’re looking for ideas for prime rib side dishes for a Christmas holiday meal, or you need some celebration-worthy ideas for special occasions any other time of the year, these delicious recipes have got you covered.

Whatever you’re celebrating – I hope it’s a wonderful meal full of delicious foods, fabulous company … and the making of truly special memories! Enjoy!

~ by Shelley

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