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23 Shortcut Frozen Green Bean Recipes

~ These delicious Frozen Green Bean recipes showcase just how versatile, EASY, and astonishingly yummy frozen veggies can be! So fast and convenient, it’s a clever shortcut – with no need to wash, trim and cut fresh beans. From quick side dishes to soups to mains … now you’ll definitely want to have a bag of frozen green beans on hand at all times! ~

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On busy days (which is basically every day, right?!?!) smart shortcuts can make all the difference, especially at mealtimes.

Just a few minutes saved here and there can add up to the difference between offering your family a home-cooked dinner … or just giving up and dialing for carryout.

And, no doubt, using frozen green beans in place of fresh is a true shortcut gem!

Why Frozen Green Bean Recipes Work So Well

While I love a garden-fresh summer bean as much as the next girl, there are tons of reasons why frozen green beans just make a lot of sense!

  • Nutrition – You might be surprised to learn that frozen vegetables – including green beans – are typically every bit as healthy as fresh. And in fact, they can often be even more nutritious, since they’re generally frozen at the peak of ripeness, very quickly after they’re picked and before their nutrients have begun to diminish.
  • Cost – Of course sale prices and special deals vary, but as a generalization, frozen green beans are often cheaper than fresh.
  • Prep Time – And frozen beans are so much faster to prep. They’re already washed and trimmed, and you can buy whole or already-cut beans, depending on what you’re making.

And many of the recipes in our collection below don’t even require you to thaw your green beans first!

  • Convenience – As you’ll see in many of the recipes below, if you grab a bag of frozen green beans anytime you’re at the grocery store, and keep one always tucked in your freezer, you can quickly cobble together a side dish with other pantry staples in just a few minutes. Any time, any night. Even when the fresh green beans at the market look not-so-great. So convenient, and a true lifesaver when dinner’s running late!
  • Any Cooking Method – You might also be surprised that you can use frozen green beans with practically any cooking method. From oven-roasting to pan-searing to air-frying. Sure, they’re terrific in soups (we’ve got some fabulous ideas for ya there!), but they can really go almost any place a fresh bean can. Wonderfully adaptable!

So, whether you’re looking for the perfect, easy green bean side dish to grace your Thanksgiving table (ahem … maybe the updated Green Bean casserole??), or you just need to get a meal on the dinner table ASAP, there’s a recipe here (or two! or three!) that you’re sure to love …

Frozen Green Bean Recipes

So many delicious ideas to choose from, huh?

I mean, seriously … who knew there were so many really great frozen green bean recipes you could 100% successfully make, instead of using fresh?!?

A wonderful little time savings! Whether you’re looking for recipes to make Thanksgiving dinner or your holiday meal plan just a little bit easier – or you’re simply trying to find FAST ways to pull together healthy dinners on busy weeknights.

Definitely bookmark these ideas to use all year ’round, any time you don’t happen to have fresh green beans available. Or … any time you need a brilliant, time-saving shortcut! 😉

~ by Shelley


    1. Oh, Christina, you’re so very welcome! I had so much fun sorting through all the submissions, and was really inspired by all the delicious flavors and terrific cooking methods in my final list! Happy Thanksgiving! 😀 ~Shelley

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