55 Easy Christmas Crockpot Recipes

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Published Updated February 16, 2024

~ These delicious Christmas Crockpot Recipes are a quick, easy, hands-off solution for stress-free holiday cooking! And, they’re a great way to save precious oven and stovetop space. Sure, we’ve got lots of festive Christmas dinner main dishes … but also all the sides, appetizers, drinks and desserts you’ll need for every holiday party! Even ultra-cozy slow cooker Christmas morning breakfasts! ~

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If you’re like me, you’re always looking for ways to make Christmas easier … yet still magical and wonderful. Sound familiar? Then your trusty old crockpot has ya covered!

Pull it off that dark basement shelf and fire it up this holiday season. You’ll be glad you did!

Why Your Slow Cooker Is Pure Holiday Magic

That humble crockpot is your ticket to:

  • No-stress recipes that cook merrily along while you’re free to enjoy the holiday season.
  • More room in your crowded oven or pan-filled stovetop on Christmas day.
  • And recipes that can stay warm and inviting, right in the slow cooker, all throughout your holiday meals.

Seem fantastic? Yeah, it is!

And you just might be surprised at all the types of recipes your slow cooker can handle.

All Kinds of Christmas Slow Cooker Recipes

I sorted through hundreds and hundreds of enticing slow cooker recipes to hand-pick this collection, filled with practically every type of holiday recipe you could possibly need. The collection below showcases (in order of appearance):

  • Main dishes from turkey to Christmas ham … and much more!
  • Must-have side dishes
  • Party-perfect appetizers and snuggly, warm beverages
  • Dessert finales to cap off the perfect Christmas dinner
  • Make-ahead breakfast recipes to kick-start Christmas Day
  • And even some casual, super-easy “everyday” dinners to get you through the busy evenings surrounding the big holiday event, so you’re stress-free and enjoying every special moment, all season long!

No matter what type of holiday crockpot recipe you’re looking for, you’re sure to find one here that’ll be absolutely perfect!

Festive & Easy Christmas Crockpot Recipes

The Main Event!

Make your Christmas main course in your slow cooker, to free up oven or stovetop space ... and to simplify your Christmas dinner menu for a more relaxed, carefree holiday!

Easy Crockpot Side Dishes

Next, you'll need some great side dishes! Fire up a second slow cooker alongside the one cooking your main dish, or use just one crockpot to free up some room on the stove.

Slow Cooker Appetizers and Drinks

Whether you're hosting a potluck party, or just looking for crockpot recipe ideas to help kick off your holiday dinner menu, these easy recipes are a great way to keep your appetizer nibbles (and drinks) warm and at-the-ready!

Slow Cooker Christmas Desserts

Your slow cooker is a fabulous way to cook your dessert and have it perfectly warm, ready and waiting ... whenever dessert time rolls around!

Crockpot Christmas Breakfast Ideas

Toss breakfast together in the slow cooker, and you'll be free to relax and enjoy Christmas morning, without having to fuss in the kitchen and miss all the action 'round the tree!

Dinner Recipes for Busy Holiday-Season Weeknights

Although we're mostly focusing here on festive recipes specifically for holiday parties, buffets and the big, main-event Christmas dinner, I thought all you crockpot lovers out there might need a few gems to serve up on the other "normal" nights of the busy holiday season, too. Below are some of my own family's favorite, easy slow cooker dinners, to help make the whole bustling season a little simpler (and a lot more delicious)!

Need Some NON-Crock-Pot Christmas Recipes?

Oh, don’t you worry … we’ve got lots and lots of delicious ideas for you!

  • Our layered Christmas Fruit Salad is gorgeous for holiday brunches, and as a refreshing, light, dinner side dish option, too.
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Make your life a little easier this holiday season and let your slow cooker do some of the heavy lifting … while you sit back, relax and actually ENJOY the holidays!

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas! I hope it’s your most wonderful and your very most delicious ever!

~ by Shelley

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