21 Easy Recipes for Lent (You’ll Actually Crave All Year!)

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Published Updated June 26, 2023

~ Tired of typical Lenten meals? Then you’ll love these easy recipes for Lent that are WAY more exciting that those same-old, same-old fish fries! And, not only are they super delicious, they’re also so much healthier! Trust us … make a few for Lent this year, and you’ll be itching to make them again and again, ALL year long! (originally published February 27, 2020) ~

collage of four photos of recipes included in this post - two pasta recipes, and two fish recipes for Lent

As Lent rolls into town again this year, it’s good-bye to Mardi Gras beads and King Cakes … hello to Friday fish fries and pasta dinners!

Never sounds so bad at first, does it? But after awhile, two big problems tend to surface themselves with all those Lenten meals:

#1 Your Belt – Wait, what? Yeah – your belt. Spend a few too many Fridays chowing down on fried fish and all its accompaniments … or on white-carb mounds of pasta … and something tends to happen. Gotta loosen that belt. *SIGH* I mean, Fish Fry – what else do we need to say here? Everybody pretty much knows that’s not a waistline-friendly meal solution.

#2 Booooredom – If you feel like the same Lent recipes play on continuous rotation every year (again and again and again …) you might be craving something a wee bit more interesting this year. At least after a couple weeks of your old standby Lenten dinners.

Well this year, you’re gonna be loooooooving your all-new, reinvented Lenten meal plans! Because we’ve got loads of ideas that are both so much healthier, and so not-boring!

As you scroll through all our ideas, you’ll probably notice a couple key ways that these recipes solve those two problems we just outlined.

How to Make Better Lenten Meals!

• Smarter Pasta

No, not like it’s literally gone off to earn a master’s degree. Smarter like it’s so much better for you – not so many empty calories and blood-sugar-spiking white carbs as typical pasta dinners.

The first easy fix you’ll see is that we sub in whole wheat pasta whenever possible. It’s loaded with fiber and nutrients!

You’ll also notice other tricks like working lots of veggies (or fish!) into the pasta recipes to pump up the nutrition further. Our Easy Zoodles recipe even shows you how to ease your family into the whole “zoodles” idea to further reduce pasta calories!

Besides being nutritionally better, all these tactics also offer lots of ways to keep things interesting around the dinner table. Think beyond a giant ladle of marinara, and try something new!

• Fish-NOT-Fry

With so many delicious ways to cook fish these days, you have lots of options that have nothing to do with greasy fish fries!

We’ve got baked fish, pan-seared fish, even grilled fish and fish burgers! Much healthier, and much, much more interesting!

Take a look … and freshen up your rotation of Lenten recipes with healthier options that are so delicious, you’ll be craving them ALL year long!

Crave-able, Easy Recipes for Lent

So much to inspire you this Lenten season – so many new Lenten recipes to try!

But if you want even more, more, MORE fresh ideas to keep it interesting (and nutritious!), take a peek at more than 70 other standout fish and seafood recipes we culled through extensive research, from fellow food bloggers all across the internet:

Or, if you’d like to fill this Lent with more vegetarian main dishes, be sure to check out our incredibly popular collection of the All-Time Best Healthy Vegetarian Meals!

With so many terrific ideas, you won’t even miss gorging on greasy fried fish this year! And you certainly won’t feel bored or deprived.

In fact, I just bet you’ll keep right on making most of these recipes all year long! 😉

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