Easy, Healthy Valentine’s Day Treats and Snacks

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Published Updated February 15, 2022

~ Valentine’s Day recipes are all about decadence, right? But that doesn’t mean they have to be totally unhealthy! A few whole grains here, a little less fat there … maybe a bit of extra fruit … and suddenly these healthy Valentine snacks and treats are both more nutritious and also a totally delicious way to say “I love you!” (Updated from Original Publication on 2/6/18) ~

A decadent collection of easy, healthy Valentine’s Day treats and Valentine snacks! Several have only 3 or 4 ingredients – so simple! Great Valentine ideas for after-school snacks, Valentine class parties, even romantic desserts! From healthier brownies and fudge to frozen heart pops, lava dip, heart-studded fruit kabobs … and more! | #Valentines #treats #Valentine #ValentinesDay #healthyValentine #hearts #healthyrecipes #easyrecipes #healthydessert #healthytreats | www.TwoHealthyKitchens.com

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Whether you’re looking for fun yet healthy Valentine’s Day treats for school parties, heart-shaped party food, a special snack for your own little sweeties, an indulgent (but less guilt-filled!) end to a romantic dinner, or even an idea for some healthy Valentine’s Day gifts … we’ve gotcha covered!

These easy Valentine’s Day recipes are quick and simple enough to pull off with little notice. And they’ve got enough nutritional upgrades that you can feel sooooo much better about sharing them with all the special people in your life!

Dive in, get inspired, and indulge (healthfully!) in our …

Easy, Healthy Valentine Treats and Snacks

3-Ingredient (No Butter!) Chocolate Fudge

Yep … you can still have your Valentine’s Day chocolate fix! This fudge is deeply, darkly chocolaty with just an alluring little hint of coconut flavor.

Even my dad (who is a serious fudge taste-tester) didn’t notice what was missing in our healthier version! This melt-in-your-mouth, creamy fudge has NO butter, and you don’t have to dump in loads of extra sugar or sweetened condensed milk (like with so many traditional recipes).

And you’ll need just 3 common ingredients and 5 minutes to prep!

Cut them into darling heart shapes, like this …

healthier fudge, cut into heart shapes and laying on polka dot paper, with heart-shaped cookie cutters nearby

… Or cut simple squares, and box them up with pretty ribbons as a special, homemade Valentine’s Day gift!

idea for a homemade Valentine gift - squares of this fudge boxed amongst tissue paper and wrapped with pink polka-dotted ribbon


3-Ingredient “Chocolate-Covered Strawberry” Frozen Greek Yogurt Bites

What’s easier than 4-ingredient fudge? How about 3-ingredient Greek yogurt bites? Seriously – just 3 simple ingredients!

But they’re still so creamy-dreamy-yummy … perfect as Valentine’s Day snacks or even as healthy desserts!

We show you several different strategies for making these as heart-shaped mini-popsicle treats (using flexible molds) like this …

frozen Greek yogurt heart pops with red and white heart-printed sticks, displayed in a red bowl

… Or cute, bite-sized treats like this …

a bowl filled with Greek yogurt treats, frozen in the shape of tiny hearts, displayed on top of a bright pink napkin

We also explain how to make these without any molds at all, and how you can turn these Valentine’s Day treats into special, healthier indulgences for any day. (Hint … you can pretty much make these in whatever shape you want, so they’re perfect for any holiday or special occasion, or just for cooling off on a hot day!)


3-Ingredient Chocolate Lava Dip

Another super-easy, 3-ingredient recipe idea! Ready in just minutes!

This is possibly the ultimate easy, healthy Valentine’s Day treat! So ridiculously simple (and so much healthier, too)!

A truly swoon-worthy fondue to end a romantic dinner. (Because what’s more romantic than chocolate-dipped strawberries?!?)

closeup of a skewered strawberry dipped in Chocolate Lava Dip

But (romance aside), your kiddos will love dipping apples or other fruit, and even whole-grain graham crackers – such a fun way to surprise your little ones after school!

Plus, this is also great served at room temperature, so it’s wonderful for parties, too. You don’t even have to worry about keeping it fondue-hot. Easy-peasy!


Heart-Themed Fruit Kabobs and DIY Fruit Bouquets

Here’s a really clever idea that’s sure to impress both your kiddos and your sweetie … or really, anybody else, for that matter! This is a super-easy idea for turning all sorts of fruits into a truly memorable Valentine’s Day celebration!

Some quick work with heart-shaped cookie cutters and bamboo skewers … and you’ve got yourself heart-themed fruit kabobs. Easy and adorable … and a healthy Valentine’s Day treat you can feel truly good about serving!

closeup of a heart cut out of watermelon, skewered on a kabob with blueberries and other fruit

They’re great dipped in that decadent Chocolate Lava Dip above, or with our popular Sugared-Vanilla Yogurt Fruit Dip (just like we serve with our 4th of July Fruit Kabobs).

Even better yet?

You can make an entire DIY fruit bouquet! Now we’re talkin’ serious WOW factor!

And, you won’t need to drop big bucks on ordering a dozen roses, or on a boutique fruit bouquet from one of those expensive delivery companies. Nope! Not when it’s this easy – and this much fun – to create your own showstopper. We’ve got lots of tips and tricks to inspire you!

Your fruit bouquet will make a terrific centerpiece for your Valentine’s dinner table. Plus, your sweetie will be so impressed that you made it yourself (with lots of love, of course)!


Surprisingly Decadent Brownies (Healthy, Whole Wheat & One Bowl!)

Yeah, with just one bowl, these are definitely an easy Valentine’s Day treat!

And, with whole grains and very little fat (plus our handy-dandy tip for making less sugar seem like more!) … these brownies are a much healthier treat, too! A great idea for school Valentine parties, or the perfect finishing touch for your Valentine’s Day dinner!

Oh – and, you probably won’t be surprised that we have lots of decorating ideas for you. Sure, we have some different ideas for how you can use special cutters and molds, like this …

three whole-wheat brownies dusted with sugar and cut into heart shapes, laying on layers of pretty red and white papers

But, looky here … no cookie cutters or molds needed! (Told ya we’d make this easy 😉 !)

whole-wheat brownies decorated with hearts made from stencils and dusted sugar


Classic Strawberry-Banana Smoothie

Full of protein-rich Greek yogurt and lots of fresh fruit, this smoothie is a refreshing after-school treat or even a yummy dessert to finish off a family Valentine’s dinner!

Make sure to find a few pretty, heart-shaped strawberries as toppers!

Maybe some festive paper straws, too. Because – hey, why not? It’s amazing how a little bling can quickly turn a simple smoothie into a kid-alluring, celebratory event!

Strawberry-Banana Smoothie in a glass mug, decorated with a striped straw and a skewered strawberry


Healthy Double-Chocolate Muffins with Fresh Strawberries

While we’re talking about heart-shaped food, just check out how adorable these muffins are, all ready to pop into the oven, decorated with little strawberry hearts!

Plus, they’re (of course!) heart-healthy, too … filled with whole grains, much less fat and lots of nutrient-rich, sweet berries!

a pan of muffins waiting to be baked, with heart-shaped strawberries and mini chocolate chips decorating the tops


PB&J Pinwheel Sandwich Kabobs

Sticking with our heart-shaped theme, check out these super-fun kabobs! A kid-friendly Valentine snack that’s also a really sweet way to turn classic PB&Js into a little lunchbox lovin’ (any ol’ day)!

You could also use this recipe idea as a heartier, nutritious snack at playgroups or school Valentine’s Day parties. The Valentine charm is all in using heart-shaped berries. And hey – those berries are packed with yummy vitamins and antioxidants, too! Total win!

skewers of fruit and PB&J pinwheels, with heart-shaped strawberry

No worries about school peanut restrictions, either – just sub out the peanut butter for an allergy-friendly choice like WowButter (a soy-based, nut-free product), or a nut-free sun butter (made from sunflower seeds), or even reduced-fat cream cheese.


Heart-Shaped Pancakes

Ok, ok … these aren’t exactly a “treat” or “snack” per se. But, they’re such a fun and easy way to kick off Valentine’s Day that we just had to throw them in here.

We’ve got tips for making pancakes in hearts and lots of other fun shapes, too (think birthday numbers and Fourth of July stars).

Plus, we’ve got a terrific whole-wheat pancake recipe that turns these into a truly heart-smart idea!

plate of three heart-shaped pancakes and raspberries, with syrup and glass of orange juice nearby

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! May your treats this year all be a little healthier … but every bit as satisfyingly decadent! Enjoy!

square collage of healthy Valentine treat recipes from this post

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