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31 Halloween Fruit Recipes (Fun Snacks, Treats & Party Foods!)

~ These festive Halloween fruit recipes are spooky-good alternatives to the never-ending flood of candy we’re hit with every October. They’re terrific, healthier options for October snacks, and for all those Halloween parties … with fun ideas that’ll appeal to kiddos and adults alike! ~

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As Halloween rolls around each year, parents are once again faced with a tricky dilemma … how do we keep the celebrations fun, while limiting the sugar-y candy overload?

Whether those celebrations are for the kids, or for our own adult friends … the dilemma’s the same. At this time of year, there’s just too, TOO much sugar, and it never seems to end!

Ah, but it doesn’t have to be that way!

Yummy Fruit = Healthy Halloween Recipes!

There are oodles of creative ideas for pumping up the fun factor, while slashing the processed, junky sugar.

Fruit-filled recipes are a perfect solution, because the naturally occurring sugars in fruit help to keep things feeling sweet and indulgent. Yet fruits are leaps and bounds ahead of candy bars and all that processed junk, since they’re filled with fiber, vitamins, antioxidants, and lots of other “goodies”!

Sure, some of the recipes below still have a decadent coating of chocolate … or a sprinkling of festive, colored sugar. There’s still a little Halloween naughtiness here and there.

But featuring fruit as the main attraction in a recipe is a huge improvement over those Milky Way bars and Sour Patch Kids, no doubt!

Whether you’re looking for a quick after-school snack, a celebratory treat the kids can help you make, or a special recipe to take along to the next Halloween party … there’s sure to be a cute idea here you’ll love. And that you’ll truly feel great about sharing with people whose health and well-being you care about!

Halloween Fruit Recipes

FAQs At-a-Glance

Is Pumpkin a Fruit?

Pumpkins are probably the absolute most iconic Halloween produce. But we often think of pumpkin as a vegetable. However, botanically speaking, pumpkin is actually a fruit because of how it grows, starting from a flower. (So, yep … you’ll see some pumpkin-based recipes in our list above!) Psssst … don’t forget that pumpkin seeds are terrific, healthy snacks, too. After you carve jack-o’-lanterns, you and your kids can try making roasted pumpkin seeds for extra Halloween fun in the kitchen!

What Fruits Are Great for Halloween?

Apples and pumpkins are both common harvest-season favorites, and as you can see in the list above, there are lots of ways to dress them up for Halloween! Other great bets are color-themed fruits in orange (like orange melons and clementines) and “black” (like blackberries, black grapes, raisins, and even really dark-hued blueberries). White and witch-green fruits feel appropriate this time of year, too – think of white melons or green grapes and kiwi.

What Are Good Dips to Go with Halloween-Themed Fruit?

I’m glad you asked! Besides the Ghostly Halloween Fruit Dip above, three we love are:
1) Peanut Butter Silk Pie Dip (mmmmm … especially yummy with autumn apples!)
2) 3-Ingredient Chocolate Dip
3) Healthy Sugared-Vanilla Yogurt Fruit Dip (which is basically our Ghostie Dip in a bowl – perfect in a little dish alongside your fruit creations!)

This Halloween, you’ve got options!

You can still create magical, spooky fun without always letting sugary treats like Reese’s cups and Snickers bars elbow their way to center stage.

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Try offering up some of these fruit-filled ideas instead!

They’re deliciously more healthy Halloween treats that you’ll actually feel terrific sharing with those you love!

Psssssst … For even more ideas you’ll feel great sharing, check out our collections of healthier Vegan Halloween Desserts (with lots of gluten-free and allergy-friendly options, too). And also our big-batch Non-Alcoholic Halloween Punch recipes and (small-batch) Alcohol-Free Halloween Drinks like virgin mocktails and festive kids’ drinks.

Happy Halloween, everyone!

~ by Shelley

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