30+ Easy, Healthy Super Bowl Snacks

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Published Updated February 3, 2023

~ These Easy, Healthy Super Bowl Snacks have it all! From 5-minute dips to shareable platters … from finger foods to something special just for the kiddos! Best of all, these recipes are quick and simple (with lots of make-aheads) and deliciously better for you, too! No guilt – just loads of great touchdown-worthy flavors that are sure to have your whole crowd cheering! ~

27 EASY recipes (with lots of make-aheads)! From 5-minute dips to shareable platters … and from finger foods to a special idea for the kids! Our collection of Easy, Healthy Super Bowl Snacks truly has it all! Plus, they’re all deliciously better for you, too! Lots of touchdown-worthy recipes for the ultimate Super Bowl party – you’ll definitely have your whole crowd cheering! | game day food | appetizer recipes | appetizers for party easy | #superbowl #superbowlparty | www.twohealthykitchens.com

Are you hosting a Super Bowl party this year? Need a fun spread of munchies that’ll have everyone cheering and chanting your name?

Or maybe you got invited to a last-minute little gathering, and you’re frantically trying to think of an easy appetizer to take along.

Don’t worry! We’ve gotcha covered! When it comes to the Super Bowl, I may not know who’s gonna win (or really care much, either way), but I definitely know Super Bowl snacks and food!

You see, every year we host a Super Bowl party for our big, extended family. Aunts and uncles, cousins and grandparents all tumble in, and we spend hour after hour cheering and talking (and talking) and laughing (and then more laughing).

We usually combine the party with Amy and Ty’s birthday party (they’re twins), so the celebration lasts from early afternoon, late into the night. For the decorations, birthday banners mingle with plastic footballs and cardboard referees. And we sing “Happy Birthday” right along with filling out “football bingo” cards.

It doesn’t matter that not everyone’s a football fan – the Super Bowl’s just another excuse for a great party, especially when you piggyback it with a birthday party for a full-day blow-out! We always plan plenty of games (and sometimes even a photo booth – no kidding!) and loads of terrific food to keep everyone happily cheering and munching all day long.

I’ve definitely got some go-to menu favorites, but you know me – I always love trying new recipes, too! Keeps things interesting (especially for me, the cook)!

So this year, I decided to gather up a master list of football party foods – for you, and for myself, too. A list of tried-and-true favorite Super Bowl snack recipes that we’ve published here at THK … PLUS a bunch of new recipes I’m dying to try, to freshen up my own menu rotation.

In true THK fashion, these are easy Super Bowl snacks – and, of course, healthy Super Bowl snacks!

Because who wants to spend all day in the kitchen, when you could be watching muscle-y men run around in tight pants? And who wants to spend an extra hour on the treadmill the next day, doing penance for too many fatty wings and over-the-top greasy pizza slices? Not me, that’s for sure! And I’m just betting … not you, either!

So, no matter who wins the big game, you know your food will definitely score BIG …

Cooked dip in crockpot insert with Frank's Red Hot Buffalo Chicken Sauce and dippers nearby.
Buffalo Chicken Dip in the Crockpot (or a Speedy Microwave version of our Healthy Buffalo Chicken Dip) from Two Healthy Kitchens
Whether you go the slow cooker route, or use your microwave, both versions of this must-have game day appetizer are super easy to make ahead (we’ve got plenty of tips and tricks to help). And, they’re lighter and leaner than most other recipes out there, thanks to a few simple tricks to slash fat and calories (which absolutely nobody will notice at all)!


Pinnable collage of 4 photos from the post, with the text overlay "20+ Air Fryer Chicken Wing Recipes".

21 Fantastic Air Fryer Chicken Wings Recipes (Healthier and So Darn Good!) from Two Healthy Kitchens

And speaking of buffalo wings … if you have an air fryer, it’s the perfect way to give “typical” deep-fried chicken wings a MAJOR upgrade. So much delicious flavor and such wonderful, crispy texture … all with sooooo much less fat, calories and guilt! I’ve hand-picked this collection of wing recipes for you, with a huge array of different flavors … and each absolutely perfect for your Super Bowl festivities. Plus, check out my 6 bonus health-ification tips, too!

Pssssst … No air fryer?

Not to worry – several of these recipes include directions that explain how to make the wings in your oven, instead.


5-Minute Avocado Ranch Dip with Greek Yogurt from Two Healthy Kitchens

Great with veggies or with whole-grain tortilla chips (or both)! This easy dip features creamy Greek yogurt and avocado, with just a bit of “ranch” flair. Kind of like a cross between guacamole and ranch dip. Yum! Plus, it’s ready in a jiffy!


Easy Pepperoni Bread from Two Healthy Kitchens

No need to call for greasy, full-fat pizza delivery. Everyone will love this so-much-healthier pizza twist bread! A perfect, totally satisfying Super Bowl snack … without all the guilt!


fingers dipping a buffalo cauliflower wing in ranch, with a big platter of loaded buffalo cauliflower

LOADED Baked Buffalo Cauliflower Wings from Two Healthy Kitchens

This recipe goes waaaay beyond typical buffalo cauliflower appetizers! It’s piled high with extra flavors, yet it’s so much healthier and takes just 5 minutes of prep work (with no messy batter)!


Healthy Red Pepper Crab Dip from Kaleigh at Lively Table

Kaleigh describes this as, “AH-MA-ZING … made healthier with nonfat Greek yogurt and reduced fat cream cheese, which give you a creamy, dreamy dip with way less fat (and more filling protein) than traditional versions.  It’s also packed full of veggies and jumbo lump crab that will keep you full for hours.” Sounds like a game day win to me!


Baked Buffalo Chicken Nachos from Two Healthy Kitchens

Two game day favorites in one! Buffalo chicken dip meets nachos … definitely a match made in football heaven! These are always a serious crowd pleaser!


Stuffed Chicken Gyros Touchdown Taters from Elysia at Haute & Healthy Living

I love that Elysia says you can, “Assemble them in advance or allow your guests to load them up themselves.” Plenty of options to make these fun little snacks EASY, so even the busy host can relax and enjoy the Super Bowl party, too!


Fingers dipping pita chip into pesto blob at edge of finished appetizer on white plate on wooden board; more crackers and mini peppers in background.

Layered Pesto Appetizer Dip from Two Healthy Kitchens

This quick, delicious appetizer draws on flavorful ingredients you can easily keep on hand, to toss together at a moment’s notice. It features a creamy base layer, a flavorful slathering of pesto, and popular Mediterranean-style toppings. A unique twist on classic flavors!


Healthier Reuben Dip (Oven, Microwave or Crock-Pot) from Two Healthy Kitchens

Rich and creamy, this appetizer recipe is so much healthier than typical Reuben dips, but no one can ever taste the difference – it’s a crowd favorite every time we serve it! Bonus points: it’s super quick and easy (you can mix it up right in your serving dish!), and it can even be made ahead! 


Baked Spiral “Hawaiian Roll” Sliders from Two Healthy Kitchens

A fun riff on the always-popular baked party sandwiches, these are easy to make, super adaptable, and so much healthier, too! Plus, you can bake them totally ahead, so there’s no last-minute, game-day stressing!


Queso Dip (for Smart Snacking) from Kristin at Dizzy Busy & Hungry

My daughter Amy ADORES queso dip, but we all cringe at how unhealthy it is. So, I was absolutely elated to find this healthier option that loads in veggie goodness to amp up the nutrition without sacrificing that creamy-cheesy vibe we all want in a queso! Alternately, for a quick and easy vegan option, try Shane’s vegan Game Day Cheese Dip over at Shane & Simple.


Healthy “Cowboy Caviar” with Corn, Edamame and Quinoa from Two Healthy Kitchens

So delicious, so unique! This was one of the very first recipes we ever published here at THK, and it’s been a runaway smash hit ever since! Grab a whole-grain tortilla chip, and dig in!


Apple Cider BBQ Turkey Meatballs from Brianne at Cupcakes & Kale Chips

Be sure to check out Brianne’s suggestions for finding the best BBQ sauce (hint: no high-fructose corn syrup!) and her handy instructions for keeping these meatballs warm in a slow cooker through your entire Super Bowl party!


Baked Hummus Dip with Easy Tabouli Topping from Two Healthy Kitchens

I’ve made this easy dip so many times, and it always disappears FAST! It’s the perfect combination of two Mediterranean favorites – a warm, creamy hummus layer sprinkled with a cool, fresh, tabouli-like topping. Even better? It’s an absolute snap to throw together, and can even be prepped ahead!


Pineapple and Black Bean Guacamole from Renee at Renee’s Kitchen Adventures

You’ve gotta have guac at a Super Bowl party, right?!? But why not give it a unique spin this year with the totally inspired addition of black beans and sweet pineapple? Brilliant! And, if you’re into off-beat flavor combos, you might also want to check out Kristin’s Kale and Artichoke Guacamole over at Iowa Girl Eats – definitely doesn’t get more unique (or healthy) than that!

Or, if you’re actually just searching for a perfectly easy, basic guac recipe, take a peek at Rebecca’s Best Easy Guacamole recipe over at Vegan Blueberry, or give those avocados a (literal) spin with Nora’s Guacamole in the Food Processor over at A Clean Bake.


Greek Chicken Bites from Patti at Hearth & Vine

Patti says everyone loved this easy recipe when she shared it at a recent football party. She describes it as, “Full of flavor, with none of the guilt.” That sure sounds perfect to me!


5-Minute Pepperoni Pizza Quesadilla from Two Healthy Kitchens

Super fast – this easy, cheesy recipe takes just minutes to throw together, so you can keep the Super Bowl snacks rolling out for as long as your party crowd stays hungry! These quesadillas have all the delicious flavors of a pepperoni pizza, but they’re so much healthier! 


Healthy Sugared-Vanilla Yogurt Fruit Dip from Two Healthy Kitchens

This is wonderfully light and refreshing alongside all those savory, “manly” snacks! It’s a quick last-minute recipe that you can whip up with just four ingredients you probably have on hand. And, it keeps well in the fridge, too – so you can also make it a couple of days before the party. Easy-peasy!


Reuben-Topped Irish Nachos from Two Healthy Kitchens

Tired of regular football nachos? Here’s the solution! These Irish Nachos swap in potatoes instead of tortilla chips … and then get even more full-on Irish-y, all loaded up with the ever-popular flavors of a reuben sandwich. Easy to make and seriously delicious (with healthy tweaks all along the way)!


Edamame Hummus from Two Healthy Kitchens

This quick recipe was inspired by the edamame hummus sold at Trader Joe’s … but, honestly, we love this version even more! So easy, too – just toss everything in the food processor!


Herb and Garlic Marinated Olives from Kristin at Iowa Girl Eats

A simple way to make a buffet of Super Bowl snacks feel more complete is to add in little bowls of finger foods – like nuts, trail mix, or these marinated olives. What’s especially terrific about this recipe is that Kristin says you can make it up to four or five days ahead – one less recipe to worry about on game day!


Healthier Slow Cooker Green Chile Corn Dip from Kaleigh at Lively Table

Kaleigh says, “What makes this perfect for game days is that you can stir together all the ingredients right there in the slow cooker, let it heat up, and keep it warm all day long. No mess, no babysitting, and hardly any cleanup.” Gotta love that!


Taco Burger Sliders on Polenta from Two Healthy Kitchens

Everybody loves tacos … and burgers. This recipe combines them together in one delicious little open-face sandwich that’s perfect for game day snacking! We’ve got make-ahead tips for ya, too, and even an alternate suggestion for serving these on traditional slider buns if you’re not a polenta fan. You’ve got options – and they’re ALL delicious!


Mexican Fiesta Black Bean Hummus from Two Healthy Kitchens

This is what you get when your hummus hangs out with a mariachi band. It’s creamy and satisfying, yet kicky and fun … an all-around crowd pleaser! It’s ready in less than 10 minutes, and you can even make it a day or two ahead. Score!


Cheesy Oven-Baked Pizza Fries from Two Healthy Kitchens

Mmmmmmm … Pizza Fries … without the guilt! These will disappear in a flash! They’re loaded with awesome, cheesy pizza flavor. But, because they’re baked (and you’re gonna pile ’em high with lots of veggies), they’re actually healthy, too!  


Healthier Spinach Artichoke Dip from Alyssa at My Sequined Life

This dip uses one of my favorite, sneaky “health-ification” strategies for lightening up creamy dips (secret ingredient alert). Alyssa says, “This warm dip is a perfect appetizer for game day!”

A couple more options – if you’re looking for a vegan version of this classic appetizer, check out the Vegan Spinach Artichoke Dip recipes from Rhian’s Recipes or Yummy Mummy Kitchen.


Rainbow Pepper Salsa from Two Healthy Kitchens

Fresh and crunchy! This bright, crisp salsa features four colorful peppers, plus black beans and fresh cilantro. It’s quick and easy – a snap to make ahead or to serve immediately! 


BBQ Cauliflower Wings from Nora at Nora Cooks

Wings are a notoriously UN-healthy Super Bowl snack. Sure, you can bake ’em instead of frying, and that helps some. But here’s an even better idea! Try this recipe to get in on the super-popular cauliflower “wing” trend that’s popping up on restaurant appetizer menus everywhere!

Or, for another flavor twist, check out Nicky’s recipe for Asian-Style Baked Cauliflower Wings over at Kitchen Sanctuary.


Peanut Butter Silk Pie Dip from Two Healthy Kitchens

It’s always nice to offer at least one sweet, dessert-y option on your Super Bowl snack buffet. This scrumptious dip tastes like peanut butter silk pie, but in a super-easy (healthy!) dip. It’s perfect with crunchy, juicy apples. And hey hey, busy hostess … just four ingredients and five minutes is all you need! 


“Veggie Faces” No-Bake Vegetable Pizzas from Two Healthy Kitchens

Having kiddos at your big Super Bowl bash? This one’s for them! A little something to keep them busy – it’s like an edible art project! This idea is especially perfect if you’re offering a veggie tray on your snack buffet, since you’ll already have most of the ingredients you need for these Veggie Faces, too. (And don’t be surprised if the kids aren’t the only ones who want to try these!)


Yum! So many great choices, right?!?

A couple other thoughts to throw your way:

  • I’ve also got a super-popular collection of Easy Party Food Appetizers. Some of them might be a bit too fancy for your Super Bowl bash (maybe tuck them away for New Year’s Eve). But many of those recipes would be great for a football party, too.
  • And, I’ve got a great line-up of March Madness Food Ideas. Sure, some of them are basketball-shaped … but others are just right for football-watching!

Even more yummy ideas for you!

So, whether you’re cheering your way through every first down and screaming at every bad call, or just kicking back to watch all the new, over-hyped commercials … you and your friends will be happily munching through every exciting moment!

Enjoy the Super Bowl, friends! Gooooooooo {insert favorite team name here}!!!

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