Amazon Prime Day 2018 … Cooking Deals Handpicked for Our THKers!

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Published Updated July 25, 2018

Update 6:23pm Monday: Hey you guys … looks like Amazon is still having lots of site trouble (I thought they’d gotten it fixed, but it seems they’re down again at the moment for some people in some areas of the United States) – if the links aren’t working, keep trying. I guess Prime Day craziness is a bit more than the Internet is ready to handle! 🙁

It’s Prime Day!

That eagerly awaited day that’s kinda like Christmas in July!

And I’ve been frantically scanning all the just-released deals (Prime Day began at 3:00pm EST Monday, July 16 and ends at 2:59am EST Wednesday … 36 glorious hours to save, save, save)!

Here are some of the Prime Day specials that I thought you’d like, based on items I’ve talked about here at THK, or items that I personally own.

NOTE: Amazon’s site seems to be crashing like crazy right now, so I can’t even login to check out alllllll the deals. I’m sharing the ones I found right off the bat … and hope to pop back with even more deals and updates soon!

Instant Pot DUO60 6-quart (YES! This is the one that I use!)

I’ve written so much about exactly What Is An Instant Pot, how to choose Which Instant Pot to Buy, and What You Can Do with an Instant Pot (and what you really can’t).

And I’ve gathered up scads of recipes from other fave bloggers, to get us all started on our Instant Pot journeys (like Instant Pot chicken soup, chili, and even stew … to name a few!).

So, you know what I was really, really hoping that Amazon would feature for Prime Day?!?! Yeah, you know it … an Instant Pot! And they’re actually featuring the exact size and model that I personally own – the Instant Pot DUO60 6-quart!

In addition, Amazon has “Prime Day Deal” pricing on the Instant Pot Ultra 3 quart – perfect if you decide you might like a smaller size than the 6-quart that I chose.

They’ve also got a few Instant Pot accessories on offer as “Prime Day Deals”, in case you might want a back-up lid or sealing ring, or might want to take up my suggestion of buying a second inner cooking pot.

T-fal Nonstick Skillet

You know my favorite nonstick skillet? (It shows up it lotttttts of my photos for skillet meals.) Well, it’s got a Special Prime Day price tag right now! I’m honestly thinking I might just go ahead and buy a back-up one with the Prime Day pricing, since I usually rotate to a new one every few years!

AmazonBasics Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven

Remember that gorgeous enameled cast iron dutch oven I used in the photos for our Easy Black Bean Soup? (It’s a 6-quart, if that helps you envision the size.) I love that thing – it’s made by Lodge and saves oodles of money over buying Le Creuset enameled cast iron.

And looky here … in even BETTER savings, check out Amazon’s “AmazonBasics” Enameled Cast Iron dutch oven in a gorgeous spicy red that looks pretty much exactly like my Lodge (except … you know … the color 😉 ).

USA Pan 1-Pound Loaf Pan

Remember when I shared my recipe for Cherry-Chocolate Zucchini Bread, and I explained about adjusting bake times for different sizes and types of pans (like glass pans vs. aluminum)? Well … a lot of that was because I’d JUST gotten myself some awesome new USA Pan loaf pans (from Amazon!), and I realized those aluminum pans created differences in bake time, compared to the older glass baking pans I’d been using.

Since then, I’ve used those USA loaf pans for a variety of recipes, and they’re absolutely my new go-tos. Their non-stick finish is AWESOME! As in, I  generally don’t even have to use cooking spray or flour the pan!

And ta-da! Here on Prime Day, I find the USA Pans (that I’m totally loving!) are featured.

Note, though, that the pans that are priced for Prime Day are 1-pound pans, and if you want to make my Cherry-Chocolate Zucchini Bread, I actually wrote that recipe for 1 1/4-pound pans (9×5″).

Echo and Echo Dot





We absolutely use our Echo and our three adorable little Echo Dots All.The.Time. Especially in the kitchen.

We’ve got our main Echo sitting on the kitchen counter, and when I’m cooking and my hands are a mess, it’s so awesome to just tell Alexa to add something to my grocery list, or to start playing some fun tunes so I can jam while I cook.

Similarly, Echo’s Alexa is your go-to gal when you just want her to set a cook timer or do other simple things that you just can’t do with messy, cooking hands.

And every time I wonder who the heck the kids are talking to in their rooms (since no teens “talk” to each other anymore LOL) … they’re talking to Alexa. Usually, telling her to set their alarms (or to snooze an alarm!).

Ok … I’m off to scan for more deals to share, so check back …

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