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Our First-Ever Reader Survey + $50 Amazon Giveaway

~ Perfect way to kick off a New Year full of New Beginnings! Just fill out our super-quick reader survey, and enter to win a $50 Amazon gift card! ~

Two Healthy Kitchens - Amazon $50 Giveaway

Didn’t get quite everything you wanted in your stocking over the holidays? Maybe a $50 Amazon card would help ya out there … or maybe it would help to pay for some of those goodies you bought for everyone else???

Give us just 5 minutes (tops!) out of your busy day, and we’ll enter you to win a $50 Amazon gift card! Whoop, whoop!

It’s our little way of saying, “Happy New Year” to our awesome readers … and of thanking you – not only for all your enthusiastic support over the past three years – but also for helping us reimagine a Two Healthy Kitchens site that will meet your needs even better than ever before!

You might have read about some of the unexpected twists and changes here at Two Healthy Kitchens lately. If not, you can get all the scoop in our post “A Fond Farewell, And New Beginnings.”

We want you to be part of our “New Beginning”!

We want to know what you love about Two Healthy Kitchens, what you’d change, and how we can make THK even more useful and inspiring for you!

Everyone who completes the survey, providing us with an email address so we can contact you, will be entered into the giveaway, with a chance to win that coveted $50 Amazon gift card! (Our winner will be chosen randomly from among all responses received by 11:59pm on January 31, 2016).

Thanks for being a part of our THK Adventure!

We’re looking forward to another wonderful year with you, and with loads of inspiration and deliciously healthy recipes!

Two Healthy Kitchens: OUR Healthy Kitchen … and YOURS!


  1. Although our family is grown … we have always been of the mindset ….’you are what you eat’ and we have planted that ‘seed’ in our children who now have families of their own. As Grandparents we are blessed to have our ‘kids and grandkids’ nearby … we garden with them and we ‘cook with them’ .. our little Aubrey told me she wants to be a Pizza Baker when she grows up …imagine that!!! Totally enjoy popping in to check out ‘what’s cooking’ on THK … keep up the good work Shelly … I know you will and BEST of LUCK to you Gretchen … there is nothing more important in life than to also plant the seed of learning in a child …God Bless both of you and your families

    1. Oh Marie! This is just the sweetest message! Thank you, thank you for the kind words, and for sharing the wonderful story of all you have done to share a love of healthy eating with your own kiddos … and now your grandkids, too! It means so much to us to hear stories like this – to connect with like-minded people and know that these values matter as much to you as they do to us! We’re so happy you’re a part of everything that’s been happening here at THK – readers like you are the very reason we’re here! Really – this sweet note just fills my heart with happiness and affirms that moving forward with Two Healthy Kitchens – even without my bestie, Gretchen, at my side – is the right thing to do! Thank you so much for that! ~Shelley

  2. Love the easy quick recipes. Even “singles of all ages” can
    whip up quick delicious meals….keep ’em coming!

    1. You make such a great point – and even though a lot of our recipes easily feed a family of 4 or more – we always try to point out when recipes are perfect for big potlucks, or are great make-aheads, or freeze well. That helps make them applicable to practically anyone, whether a “single” or a larger family! Personally, I adore the simplicity of making a big-batch salad that keeps well for several days (like our Kale Chopped Salad, our Mediterranean Confetti Quinoa Salad, or our Corn, Edamame and Quinoa Salad), and then just pulling a bit out anytime I need a quick meal or snack, all week long. That strategy is just perfect, whether for a single or big family! I really appreciate you mentioning the angle of “singles” – it’s probably something I should keep even more firmly in mind in the future! So glad you popped by to mention it, and to offer such kind words of encouragement, too! 😀 ~Shelley

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