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41 Thanksgiving Grilling Ideas

~ Wanna try something different this holiday season? Step outside the kitchen with these delicious Thanksgiving Grilling Ideas! From turkey and other festive main courses, to sides and salads – even dessert. Traditional flavors become so much more unique and exciting when you serve up Thanksgiving dinner from your grill! ~

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Wanna shake up tradition just a little? Tired of the same old oven-roasted turkey, boiled and mashed taters, and baked casserole sides?

Oh, I hear ya! As I’ve mentioned before – my fam usually has two or three days of Thanksgiving parties, just to fit in the whole family tree and all its constantly sprouting, far-reaching branches.

So for me, two or three (or four!) “traditional” turkey dinners is just not gonna happen. Bo-ringggg! I’m always on the lookout for new twists … unique but highly festive ideas that still feel like Thanksgiving dinner, but yet are also somehow NOT precisely like Thanksgiving dinner.

This year, I thought I’d bring all of you along on my quest for delicious new inspiration! (Like my idea to serve up holiday-worthy Thanksgiving Chicken Breasts, instead of a whole turkey.)

Today, I’m exploring the idea of taking the feast out to the grill. So cool, so impressive!

What Can You Grill for Your Thanksgiving Feast?

Maybe you want to grill just one part of the meal to free up kitchen space (smart!).

Or maybe you live somewhere that still has glorious weather on Thanksgiving Day (lucky, lucky you!), and you’d like to celebrate outside.

Whatever you choose, I found awesome, awesome ideas for:

  • grilling or smoking your turkey (whole or just a smaller breast)
  • lots of other celebratory main dish ideas, if you just don’t want to go the turkey route at all
  • side dishes and salads, hot off the grill
  • and even (no kidding!) Thanksgiving desserts you can make on the grill (yup … pumpkin pie’s here, too, friends!)

So, this Thanksgiving, try something new. Get a bit casual, a bit creative, a bit smoky-grill-marked-slightly-charred-this-is-sooooooo-delicious!

Get grillin’!

Thanksgiving Grilling Ideas

The Main Event: Grilled Turkey Recipes!

From simple grilling techniques, to smoky flavors, or even to a spatchcock version or just a single grilled breast, there's a delicious turkey recipe here that's perfect for your Thanksgiving menu!

Alternative Thanksgiving Mains

Not a turkey person? Or maybe (like me!) you've got multiple Thanksgiving celebrations every year (so much family to hug and give thanks for!) ... and you just don't want to eat turkey every time. No worries. We've got this!

Grilled Sides and Salads

If you're already firing up the grill for the main course of your holiday meal, why not make some side dishes there, too? Easy and fun!

Grilled Dessert Ideas

Let's not forget about the glorious finale to your feast! To end the day on an impressive note, pull dessert from the grill to thrill your guests and add a final flourish of "WOW" factor!

Want More Thanksgiving Dinner Ideas?

Maybe you don’t want to grill every part of the meal? Want a few indoor recipes to round out your Thanksgiving menu? I’ve got ya! How about …

And how about some easy Thanksgiving side dishes?

Other recipes I highly recommend include:

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Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

No matter how many feasts you’re coordinating this year, and no matter where you’re celebrating (indoors or out!) … I hope you have a wonderful holiday full of delicious things to eat and lots of laughter with people you love!

~ by Shelley


  1. I rotisserie turkeys. I use different types of injected marinade. So far I’ve tried cajun, garlic and butter, various BBQ sauces. This year going to Frank it Up with Franks Hot Sauce. I have never had a year where the turkey was not picked clean and one occasion people where nicely fighting over the scraps of turkey leftover. Been doing this for 10 years now and the results have been same. The turkey gets devoured.

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