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50 Vegan Halloween Dessert Recipes

~ These hauntingly delicious Vegan Halloween Dessert Recipes prove that plant-based treats can be every bit as fun, every bit as scrumptious, every bit as spook-tacular as “traditional” recipes! From copycat vegan candy to darling cupcakes, cute treats for kids to ghoulish, showstopper Halloween party cakes … there’s a fantastic idea here for every festive moment of the Halloween season! ~

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As more and more people are exploring the benefits of plant-based eating, there’s an increased demand for vegan recipe ideas – not just in day-to-day eating, but at holidays like Halloween, too.

Whether you’re fully committed to a vegan diet, just dipping your toes in the plant-based waters, or searching for healthier recipes that will meet the needs of party guests with diverse eating styles … it’s always a good idea to have some terrific recipes you can turn to in a pinch.

And {mmmwahhahaha} do we have some diabolically outstanding ideas for you! Our following list below includes:

  • Gorgeous vegan cakes that will be the hands-down standout at any October event
  • Shareable cupcakes with seasonal decorations that are great for Halloween parties and potlucks
  • Vegan “copycats” of some of the most popular candy bars and goodie bag treats
  • Plus Rice Krispie treats, cheesecake, pudding … and so much more!

Why You’ll Love This Variety of Halloween Dessert Ideas

We’ve pretty much covered the gambit in putting this collection together – different types of desserts and treats, different flavor profiles, different skill levels.

There’s something for everyone!

Plus, besides being vegan, many of these recipes have other healthy upgrades, too. Sure, some still leverage ingredients like vegan butter and sugar (I mean, we ARE talking desserts here, after all). But lots of them dig deep to utilize whole food ingredients, less refined sugar, healthier whole grains, or to be gluten free and allergy friendly … in addition to being vegan.

For people who value healthy eating – even at holidays and parties – there’s a whole lot of winning going on here today!

Pro Tip: Vegan Ingredients

I’ve got some helpful tips about vegan dessert ingredients at the end of this article, too. (You might be surprised at some common ingredients that aren’t actually vegan!)

But first, let’s get to the amazing list of recipes …….

Vegan Halloween Dessert Recipes

Vegan Candy and No-Bake Treats

Most of the vegan Halloween treats in this section use chocolate. So, remember to ensure that your brand of chocolate is vegan-friendly (many – but not all – are), as well as any added sugar or candy eyeballs.

Vegan Cupcakes, Cookies, Brownies and Cakes

Love baking? Then fire up the oven to bake up some Halloween fun! With a few clever ingredient swaps, vegan cupcakes and baked goods can be just as easy to make as their non-vegan counterparts. And surprisingly, you don't have to compromise on flavor and texture, either. Just check out these truly "bewitching" ideas!

More Spooky Dessert Ideas (Puddings and Beyond!)

We're not done yet, friends! Here are even more terrific ideas for plant-based desserts that celebrate Halloween in style!

As you scroll through the collection above and begin making your grocery list, I thought a few tips might be helpful – especially if you’re new to making vegan desserts.

Vegan Dessert Ingredients to Watch Out For

Tip #1: Be Careful About Sweeteners

The sweeteners you use in vegan desserts can get a little tricky.

First of all, remember that honey isn’t technically, strictly vegan.

Also, while many vegan recipes simply list “sugar,” you need to make sure that the type or brand of sugar you purchase is, indeed, vegan. Some sugar (specifically cane sugar) may be processed with bone char, a by-product of the meat industry, making it unacceptable to many people following a vegan diet. Raw sugars, beet sugars and organic sugars are good bets. Check out this handy Guide to Sugar for more deets about what to look for at grocery stores.

Tip #2: Other Common Ingredients to Double-Check

  • Chocolates (While dark chocolate frequently is vegan, milk chocolate and white chocolate typically aren’t. Before you head to the store in search of vegan chocolate chips, chocolate bark and other chocolate products, take a peek at this great guide on Vegan Chocolate Brands.)
  • Candy eyes and sprinkles
  • Food coloring
  • Rice Krispies (Kellogg’s isn’t considered vegan, but there are plenty of other brands that are.)

FAQs At-a-Glance

Can Honey Be Used in Vegan Desserts?

A lot of vegans don’t eat honey because it’s produced by insects (which are animals). Although the whole issue of honey has a bit of controversy surrounding it, strict vegans will opt for another similar sweetener, such as maple syrup.

Is Sugar Vegan?

Many kinds of sugar are, in fact, vegan. But some refined sugars, particularly those made from sugar cane, may be processed using animal bone char. This makes them unsuitable for a strict vegan diet. If you’re not sure, always double-check your brand and type of sugar until you find favorites you can rely on.

Are Vegan Desserts and Treats Healthy?

While many vegan desserts have health advantages over their “traditional” counterparts, remember that vegan butters and shortenings still have large amounts of problematic fats and calories, so use them sparingly when you can. Similarly, even if your brand of sugar is vegan, it’s still sugar … so all of the issues with diabetes, high caloric intake, blood sugar spikes, etc. still apply.

I’m so inspired by this collection of spooky vegan Halloween recipes!

So many monstrously WONDERFUL Halloween dessert ideas that just happen to vegan, too! Exactly what you need when you’re making treats for a group with a mix of dietary needs and eating styles.

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Sweet treats and ghoulish delights you’ll love making, love eating … and love sharing (with vegans and non-vegans alike), both on October 31st, and also allllll throughout this most spooky season!

Psssssst … For even more ideas you’ll feel great sharing, check out our collections of adorable Halloween Fruit Recipes. And also our big-batch Non-Alcoholic Halloween Punch Recipes and (small-batch) Alcohol-Free Halloween Drinks like virgin mocktails and festive kids’ drinks.

Happy Halloween, everyone!

~ by Shelley


  1. My mouth is watering from all of these Halloween treat ideas! Can’t wait to try out a few of them this weekend!

    1. I knoooowwww! We’re not strictly vegan at my house, but love incorporating plant-based foods FREQUENTLY … and I was so ridiculously inspired by all these ideas! So many ingenious and adorable recipes for literally every Halloween event I can imagine. Have a monstrously fabulous Halloween weekend! 😀 ~Shelley

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