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15 Easy Pumpkin Soup Recipes

~ Perfect inspiration to warm you up on a chilly evening – EASY Pumpkin Soup recipes that are comforting and cozy, healthy, and simple, too! With quick prep and many ready in 30 minutes or less (and even freezable), they’re perfect for busy nights! Loads of options from vegan and vegetarian to chicken and seafood … gluten free, paleo, and more! ~

collage of six of the pumpkin soups featured in this post

As autumn rolls into Ohio, everyone starts queueing up for Pumpkin Spice Lattes … and jamming pumpkin into everything else we can think of. And everyone starts craving warming, cozy soups.

So where do those two things deliciously collide?


I’ve compiled a whole list of delicious, healthy and easy pumpkin soup recipes to celebrate pumpkin season  soup season  PUMPKIN SOUP SEASON!

So Many Delicious Options (Thanksgiving … and Beyond!)

It’s perfect timing, too, since lots of people like to serve pumpkin soup as a starter for their Thanksgiving dinner. If that’s you, well, we’ve got a bunch of soups here that would be just right for your big feast! With autumn harvest flavors that’ll pair perfectly with that gorgeous turkey and tangy cranberry sauce you’re probably serving up, too.

But I’ve also lined up some really unique soup recipes, with flavor influences from places like Thailand, Morocco, and the American Southwest. Flavor combinations that you’ll crave long after Thanksgiving’s come and gone, when you’re getting bored with the other cold-weather soups and stews and chilis in your regular rotation.

And I’ve made sure to select some that are vegetarian and vegan, some that are gluten free and paleo, and others that include chicken or creatively use shrimp. Lots to choose from, lots of different variations to try!

Healthy Soups (Yay, Pumpkin Antioxidants!)

So, delicious? Yeah – we’ve got that goin’ on here.

Healthy? We’ve got that, too, of course!

As I mentioned in our recent list of Easy Pumpkin Chili Recipes, pumpkin is low in carbs, nutrient-dense, and absolutely loaded with vitamins, minerals, fiber, and antioxidants (like beta-carotene, a powerful carotenoid). If you’re interested, you can read more about pumpkin nutrition HERE, but the short version is: pumpkin is just all kinds of healthy!

Easy, Too!

Still, possibly the best part of all is that many of these pumpkin soup recipes are ready in about 30 minutes or less! (So, basically – in about the time it takes you to drive off to Starbucks and wait around to order your PSL – you could be dipping your spoon into a comforting, cozy, warming bowl of pumpkin soup!) And those that take a little longer to simmer still only need a few minutes of prep time before you leave them on their own to burble away and develop all their wonderful flavors.

Many freeze well, too, so you can even make your life extra-easy by stocking your freezer with your favorites, all ready to pull out and reheat on busy weeknights.

Delicious, healthy, and easy – exactly how we love it here at THK! 

Easy Pumpkin Soup Recipes

It’s hard to decide which one to make first, isn’t it? But don’t worry – winter’s plenty long enough for you to try them all!

Next time you’re standing in line, waiting for another Pumpkin Spice Latte, scroll through this list, and pick out a delicious, cozy pumpkin soup for dinner! Perfect way to double your pumpkin joy! 😉 

collage of four pumpkin soup recipes

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