Fresh Strawberry Recipes

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Published Updated August 1, 2021

~ These 14 easy, fresh strawberry recipes are perfect for celebrating summer’s long-awaited strawberry season. But we also enjoy these recipes all year long – we’ve fully tested them with grocery store berries, too, and they’re still absolutely delicious, any time! ~

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There’s just nothing quite like a perfectly ripe, juicy, fresh strawberry, plucked straight out of the warm summer sunshine. They’re the gorgeous gems of the farmers’ market, gently piled in pint baskets in all their sweet, shiny-red, delicious splendor.

It’s hard to get enough of ’em, or to find enough inventive ways to work them into every meal I possibly can!

So, today, as we head into the sun-drenched days of summer strawberry season, I wanted to share some of our favorite fresh strawberry recipes with you.

Most of them have just a few ingredients – super quick and easy ideas that are absolutely terrific for lazy summer days when you want great flavor without much work. 

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Some of these recipes prominently feature strawberries as a key ingredient. And some – like those two luscious fruit dips – aren’t exactly strawberry recipes per se … they’re simply fabulous ideas for how to enjoy your strawberries (and other gorgeous summer berries, too)!

Oh, and for those of you who like to keep the berry-packed fun rolling all year ’round … we’ve gotcha covered. Sure, there really is nothing in the grocery store that can match a just-picked, fresh strawberry straight from your backyard patch or your favorite local farmer.

But, we’ve tried all these recipes (multiple, multiple times) with plain ol’ grocery store berries, too. And they’re still really, really good!

Now, anytime you’ve got fresh strawberries in your kitchen, you’ve got some delicious new ways to enjoy them!

Fresh Strawberry Recipes

Happy strawberry season, friends! I hope these recipes really do inspire you with scrumptious new ways to celebrate!

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