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5-Minute Avocado Ranch Dip with Greek Yogurt

~ This Avocado Ranch Dip features creamy Greek yogurt and avocado, with a simple spice combination that gives it just a bit of “ranch” flair. It’s kinda like ranch dip meets guacamole. Yum! And it’s ready in moments – definitely a recipe to keep in your back pocket … because you’ll be making this one a lot! ~

This Recipe Is:     Ready in 30 Minutes or Less    Vegetarian    Gluten Free   

collage of two dip photos (one in bowl and one being made in food processor)
collage of two photos showing how to make this recipe as a Christmas appetizer dip with red and green veggies
collage of tow photos showing how to make this dip recipe for St. Patrick's Day, surrounded by green veggies on a veggie tray
collage of two photos showing how to make this ranch dip recipe for Halloween, with a spider made out of orange bell pepper pieces on top
closeup photo of the dip, with text overlay reading "Avocado Ranch Dip with Greek Yogurt"

bowl of dip on a wooden serving tray, with tortilla chips scattered in the background

This is back-pocket dip, for sure.

Not literally, silly! Not as in back pocket … squish … ewwwwwww.

But more like, this is one of those recipes that you’ll always want to have around, ready and waiting any old time.

For one thing, it’s just so super quick and easy.

5 minutes – no exaggeration!

I also specifically designed it to use dried herbs and spices, so you have most of what you need on hand year round – without  reaching for those packet mixes filled with weird preservatives, or having to buy several little containers of fresh herbs just to snip a half teaspoonful.

overhead of a three=bowl server with Avocado Ranch DIp in the middle bowl, baby carrots on one side, and celery stick in the other side - with extra veggies and tortilla chips nearby

Plus, it’s low-guilt, with no mayo or full-fat sour cream anywhere in sight.

And, it’s hugely versatile.

It’s totally happy joining you for a late-night nosh session (in which you will feel abundantly snacky-satisfied but also nutritiously virtuous – yay).

But it’s also delighted to be dressed up for special occasions.

Just like our beloved Edamame Hummus, this Avocado Ranch Dip has a lovely green hue that makes it perfect for lots of holidays.

Christmas? Yup! Surround it with red bell peppers, tiny red tomatoes, and plenty of green veggies, and you’ve got yourself a festive crudité platter in no time flat. High-five!

overhead of this ranch dip served for Christmas, with red and green veggies like broccoli on a platter surrounding a bowl of dip

St. Patrick’s Day? Easy! Just ditch those red veggies and stick with green. The luck-o-the-Irish is yours, my friend.

overhead of dip for St. Patrick's Day, bowl of veggie dip on a large platter surrounded be only green veggies, including broccoli, green pepper strips, celery, and snow peas

And you might remember how adorable this dip was for Halloween, topped with our spook-tacular Spider. Scary good.

overhead of this ranch dip styled as a Halloween appetizer with a "spider" made out of orange pepper piece perched on top, and green and orange veggies around the dip bowl

So, clearly this ranch dip is chummy with veggies – a fresh take on those tubs of gloppy store-bought ranch dips that seem to show up (boringly) on every veggie tray ever.

And, it’s delicious (like full-on, maximally yummy) with whole-grain tortilla chips. Total game day noshing will happen. And late-night munching. Just … lots and lots of munching.

This will disappear. I’ve watched it happen.

A couple quick notes, and then you’re off to go make your own batch:

Avocado Size (and How Much It … ahem … Matters)

It may seem a bit awkward, how I specify 2/3 cup mashed avocado in the recipe card’s directions, instead of just saying 1 avocado (which would be simpler, right?). But, depending on the season, avocados can vary quite a bit in size. So, I wanted to start you off with a precise measurement, to help you get the balance of creamy avocado and ranchy-spices that my family liked best in testing.

But hey – you can definitely wing it.

bowl of ranch dip surrounded by scattered broccoli florets

The great thing about a dip like this is that you can whir it all up, and then give it a little taste to see if you want to adjust the flavors.

A pinch more salt? Ok.

Love dill? Add some more – you do you.

Just be careful not to eat the whole batch from your fingers, “testing” it before you even get it dumped into the serving bowl. Although, on second thought – who am I to judge?

Gettin’ to the Good Stuff

Now, I’m guessing most of you have wrangled at least an avocado or two before this. I mean … avocado toast … everyone needs that in their life. Plus guac. Must have guac.

But just in case you’ve never come face to face with an avocado in your own little knife-wielding showdown … in case you’re peering at that bumpity green-and-black avocado exterior, wondering how so much life-changing, creamy avocado goodness can come out of such a horrid-looking skin … never fear!

Just peek at our post on How to Pit an Avocado. Everything you need to know (and more).

Mini Food Processor Tip

My bestie Gretchen (you remember her – she co-founded this web site!) gave me my current set of three Ninja processors years ago, and I use them all the time.

The big size is for smoothies, of course. But I adore the smallest one for making this ranch dip, as well as for mixing up all our various hummus recipes and making nut butters for cookie bars and Snack Bites. It’s just the right size!

Dip recipe being made in a mini food processor, with extra avocados and herbs laying nearby

Plenty of other processor options to get the job done, though – use what you’ve got and what works for you!

Surprise: Don’t Make This Avocado Dip Too Far Ahead


I know, I know – I’m the queen of make-ahead recipes. I look for every make-ahead step or shortcut I can.

But this dip is really at its best served right away, not made the day before.

bowl of dip on wooden serving board with tortilla chips scattered nearby and one chip being dipped into it

Although the acidity from the vinegar helps a bit to keep the avocado from oxidizing (aka turning brownish-gray and tasting a little less yum), that oxidation does still happen, just a little more slowly. And then the dip just doesn’t taste as great.

If you do want to make it a bit ahead, or if you somehow happen to have a little left over (although … who are we kidding? … you’ll grab a spoon and sneak the leftovers for yourself before they ever make it into your fridge, trust me!), the best thing to do (as with most guacamoles or avocado-based dips) is to press plastic wrap directly onto the surface of the dip. This prevents the dip from coming into contact with the air, and will slow the browning.

And … if you do pull the leftovers out of your fridge and see that the top looks less pretty-fresh-green, just run a spoon across the surface to scoop away the top, brownish layer. Then commence the noshing as usual.

Okey doke – got it in your back pocket? Then you’re ready to spruce up any veggie tray that may come your way. And you’re all set for game day, and late-night fridge raids, too.

bowl of dip on wooden serving board with whole grain tortilla chips nearby

If you’ve got an avocado, you’re pretty much good to go. Enjoy!

5-Minute Avocado Ranch Dip with Greek Yogurt

5-Minute Avocado Ranch Dip with Greek Yogurt

Yield: About 1 1/4 cups
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 5 minutes

This quick and easy Avocado Ranch Dip features creamy Greek yogurt and avocado, with a simple spice combination for that “ranch” flair. It’s kinda like ranch dip meets guacamole. Yum!


  • 2/3 cup mashed avocado (from about 1 - 1 1/2 avocados – see note)
  • 1/2 cup nonfat plain Greek yogurt
  • 3 tablespoons nonfat milk
  • 2 teaspoons dried parsley
  • 1 1/4 teaspoons white vinegar
  • 3/4 teaspoon onion powder
  • 1/2 - 3/4 teaspoon kosher salt (see note)
  • 1/2 teaspoon dried dill
  • 1/4 teaspoon garlic powder
  • optional snipped fresh chives for garnish


  1. Place all ingredients (except optional chive garnish) in a food processor and process until thoroughly combined, scraping down the sides as needed. Taste and adjust salt if desired (see note).
  2. Serve immediately, alongside vegetables or whole-grain tortilla chips. 


Avocado: There's actually no need to mash the avocado before processing, except that it will help you make sure you get exactly the right amount. Avocados vary in size, which could affect the ratio of the other ingredients you'd need in order to get the right flavor profile. 

Salt: I typically adjust the amount of salt slightly, depending on whether I'm serving this Ranch Dip with vegetables, or with salty tortilla chips. If serving with veggies, you may like to add slightly more salt, to help the flavors pop, but since tortilla chips are salty already, you probably can get by with less salt in the dip in that case. I recommend starting with 1/2 teaspoon of salt, and tasting the dip along with your choice of dipper – then adding a little additional salt if needed.

Nutrition Information:
Yield: 10 servings Serving Size: 2 tablespoons
Amount Per Serving: Calories: 28Total Fat: 2gSaturated Fat: 0gTrans Fat: 0gUnsaturated Fat: 1gCholesterol: 1mgSodium: 113mgCarbohydrates: 2gFiber: 1gSugar: 1gProtein: 2g

Nutrition information should be considered an estimate only, and may vary depending on your choice of ingredients or preparation. No guarantees are made regarding allergies or dietary needs. Always consult a physician or dietician for specific advice and questions.

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This dip recipe was very loosely inspired by a recipe I saw in a 2015 issue of Rachael Ray Every Day, for Eat-Your-Greens Burgers. It involved an avocado ranch dressing, which I thought was a brilliant idea. But hers included quite a bit of full-fat sour cream, hot sauce, lemon juice, and various fresh herbs. I thought I could adapt her idea into a healthier – and quicker – salad dressing, and as I’ve made it over the years, it actually turned into this yummy dip.
overhead photo of dip with tortilla chips


  1. I made this for our St. Patrick’s theme Bunco night and it was a huge hit! Served with organic lime tortilla chips. I’ll be making this again for a family dinner appetizer. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Oh, Karen – I’m delighted to hear it! So many of my recipes have evolved out of yummy appetizers shared with my own friends at Bunco nights, and I’m so happy that this dip recipe was a winner with you and your friends! Great idea on the lime tortilla chips, too – YUM! 😀 ~Shelley

    1. Hi, Nicholas! I haven’t made it that way, but I suspect sour cream would be good alternative if you don’t happen to have yogurt on hand (although not as healthy). I’d recommend low-fat (although not fat-free) sour cream, if possible. If you give it a try, I’d be interested to know what you think! ~Shelley

  2. This dip is just perfect. I love mine slightly cold with tortilla chips and carrots! Great Spring-Summer addition to having a light snack in the heat!

  3. Delicious and so easy. We had all the ingredients on hand and just whipped it out, it was such a hit! Will be making it for guests as soon as we can have people over!

    1. Hi, Jenny! I’m so glad you loved this! It’s definitely a struggle to not be able to host anyone right now — I know I’m really looking forward to being able to have guests again. 😀 Hope your guests love this, too!

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