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53 Vegan Pastas

~ Vegan pastas are a dinner everyone can agree on … whether you’re technically vegan or not. Full of comforting flavors, so you don’t even miss the meat! Plus, they’re loaded with nutrition, so you’ll feel great sharing them with people you love. Oh … and most of these recipes are ready in under 30 minutes, too! ~

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As more and more people are trying to include extra veggies and plant-based meals in their diet, it can be tricky to find dinner ideas the whole family can agree on.

Pasta is an easy solution!

Many pasta recipes are already plant-based (aka vegan) to start with … no modifications needed.

And, as all the recipes below perfectly showcase, a few creative tweaks are often all that’s needed to turn a non-vegan pasta recipe into one that’s vegan-friendly and ideal for the whole gang.

With so many rich flavors, creamy sauces, umami-boosted ingredients, and varied textures, these vegan pastas will leave everybody satisfied … even the meat-eaters at your table.

Nobody’s gonna miss the meat one bit!

As an added bonus, most of these recipes are ready in less than 30 minutes, too. And lots of them refrigerate or freeze well for make-ahead meals and meal prepping.

I was endlessly inspired as I put this collection together to share with you guys, and I bet you’re going to find lots of recipes to add into your meal rotations … whether your whole family is vegan or not.

Take a peek and see what I mean!

Pro Tip! – Scroll down to the bottom of this post for lots of strategies for converting your favorite pasta recipes into vegan-friendly versions, or creating your own veg-forward masterpieces!

Vegan Pasta Recipes

How to Make Vegan Pastas and Adapt Non-Vegan Recipes

Which Pasta Is Vegan?

Most packaged, dry pastas are vegan. An exception is egg noodles, which (as the name implies) include eggs in the ingredient list.

However, most fresh pasta is generally NOT vegan, since fresh recipes typically include eggs and sometimes also milk.

As I mentioned in my article on Vegan Pasta Salads, if you’re following a vegan diet, you should read packages on even dry pastas, though, to be absolutely certain that they are, in fact, vegan. Living My Veg Life has a handy list of vegan-friendly ingredients frequently found in store-bought pastas, as well as a list of vegan-friendly brands.

Vegan Pasta Sauces

Like I’ve said before, lots of pasta recipes are “inherently” vegan, without even trying.

Think of a beautifully simple plate of spaghetti with garden-fresh tomatoes, a garlic-studded olive oil, and vibrant basil. Vegan. Without any swaps or funny business.

Besides a simple garlic-infused olive oil, many other pasta sauce recipes are vegan, too. Take lots of marinaras, pestos (as long as they don’t include parmesan), and many Asian noodle sauces, for examples.

Curved white oval serving dish full full of a mix of spaghetti with zoodles, topped with meat-free marinara, with a pan of sauce and sauce-covered wooden spoon in background.

But what about Alfredo sauces and other creamy pasta sauces? And what about carbonara??

• First, with so many plant-based alternatives in stores today, it’s pretty easy to swap vegan versions of the dairy-filled ingredients common in these pasta sauces.

• In addition, as you undoubtedly noticed in the recipe collection above, there are loads of creative ways to devise a richly creamy sauce without dairy. How about:

  • Coconut milk (and other plant-based milks), like in that oh-so-creamy Mac and Cheese recipe
  • Cashews, like in the velvety Vodka Sauce and the Creamy Mushroom Pasta
  • Cannellini beans, like in the ridiculously inventive Carbonara
  • Fluffy, creamy veggies like butternut squash and sweet potatoes, which add both luscious smoothness and also big, big flavors
  • Even cooked, pureed cauliflower, like in the light and lean Alfredo

Huh! Lots of deliciously creative options, right?!?

Ok … and what about the “mix-ins” and toppings? The ground beef in a meat sauce, the parmesan sprinkled on top?

You’ve got options there, too!

“Meaty” Meatless Vibes

Pasta recipes lend themselves so well to vegan eating, at least in part, because they so often include oodles of great vegetables. Healthy, flavorful and filling, without needing to add meat.

But, what if you’re trying to convert a beloved family recipe that does include meat?

You could, of course, look for a plant-based meat-substitute option.

For example, have you tried Field Roast sausages? They’re a particular fave of mine. I truly like them and frequently seek them out instead of meat, even though I’m not specifically vegan. They’re just good!

MorningStar Farms Veggie Chorizo Crumbles are another of my go-tos. Keep ’em in the freezer to add a little meaty kick to your pastas, and lots of other recipes, too.

With so many people looking for meat alternatives these days, the list truly goes on and on!

Making Vegan Pastas More Filling

You might also worry that vegan pasta dishes won’t have enough protein to be satisfying. But it’s easy to add protein, without adding meat!

One option is to add protein-rich ingredients like:

  • Beans, chickpeas, lentils, and edamame
Closeup overhead of a pile of chickpeas on a wooden cutting board.
  • Nutritional yeast, which offers more than just cheesy flavor – it’s actually a complete plant protein
  • Tofu (either as a component in a creamy sauce, or added in chunks along with veggies and other mix-ins)
  • Vegan “meat” and “cheese” substitutes, based on plant proteins like soy (as we discussed above)

Another option is to select a protein-rich pasta made from something like chickpea flour (but remember to double-check those ingredient lists to be sure the entire product is completely plant-based and vegan-friendly).

Pumping Up the Textures and Harnessing Umami Flavors

You might be surprised to find that, with enough other flavors and textures goin’ on, you probably won’t even miss having meat in your pasta dish!

But, if you do feel like something’s missing, you’re most likely wishing for a boost of “umami” – that fifth prong in our sene of taste (along with sweet, salty, sour and bitter).

Lots of produce is packed with satisfying umami vibes … including sun-dried tomatoes, olives, onions, garlic, and mushrooms. Try working some of those into your recipe to pump up the flavors, textures and umami-satisfaction value.

You can also try tossing on a garnish of vibrantly fresh herbs, crunchy nuts and other toppings that pop with extra flavor or texture (or both).

Whole basil leaves, a pile of chopped basil, and a little pile of sliced chives on a cutting board.

Vegan Pastas Even Meat-Lovers Will Gobble Up!

For anyone trying to eat more plant-based dishes and incorporate more veggies into their diets, pasta recipes are a slam-dunk place to start. They’re perfect for both vegans … and for people who are simply looking for ways to eat more healthfully.

They’re definitely right at home on dinner tables that have a mix of dietary goals. A trusty peacekeeper in mixed company, since pretty much everybody loves a great pasta dinner!

Whether you try some of the terrific recipes in our collection above, or use my tips to make your own pasta creations, I think you’ll find meat-free pasta dishes surprisingly satisfying, delightfully enjoyable.

Collage of 5 recipe photos with centered text box "50+ Vegan Pasta Recipes Even Non-Vegans Will Love!".

Get More Veg-Focused Vegetarian and Vegan Recipes!

Trying to work more veggies into your meal plans? Or maybe you’re following a strictly vegetarian or vegan diet? Either way, we’ve got lots more ideas for you to explore!

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~ by Shelley

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