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Healthy Eating on a Budget (Our First Podcast!)

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What are two things that always get a leeeeeeettle challenging during the holiday season?

Uh-huh. You know where we’re going …

1) Healthy eating (hello, over-indulging at holiday parties!) … and …

2) Keeping your budget on track (because the kiddos just have to have that crazy-expensive-brand-new-coolest-toy-ever-that-costs-more-than-the-mortgage!!!).

Well, we’re thrilled to be part of the solution for both those struggles!

We were incredibly excited (and … ahem … more than a tad bit nervous) when Toni from Debt Free Divas asked to interview us for her fantastic podcast series, which focuses this week on the topic of eating healthfully on a budget. (So perfect for the holidays, right!?!?)

Healthy Eating on a Budget (Our First Podcast!)

The Debt Free Divas are super-sweet ladies, who are also savvy financial coaches. They’ve built a phenomenal web site to assist their clients and reach out to readers worldwide. Their site offers lots of (free-of-charge!) inspiration, strategies and advice, to help everyone live debt-free. It’s bursting with wonderful information, including podcasts (like ours)!

Healthy Eating on a Budget (Our First Podcast!)

In recognition of how restaurant meals can be really rough on your budget, the Divas launched the “Make All Meals @ Home This Month Challenge” … urging their site’s readers to make every meal at home during November.

Wow, right!?!?

To inspire people to take their challenge and see the impact for themselves, the Divas listed just some of the benefits of eating at home, including “sticking to a budget, eating healthier, and smaller portions.” We couldn’t agree more!

But it can take some tips, planning strategies … and (of course!) some fantastic, quick-and-easy recipes to make it happen!

We’re honored that the Divas turned to us to offer their clients advice on healthy, budget-friendly meal planning strategies and recipes!

We covered a lot of ground in just one short podcast … from our favorite appliance to speed up meal prep (Can you guess what it is???? Here’s a hint!), to ideas for purchasing healthy food more affordably, and suggestions for inspiring even the pickiest eaters.

Be sure to check out our podcast!

Check Out Cooking Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with Debt Free Divas on BlogTalkRadio


And consider taking the Divas’ Make All Meals @ Home This Month Challenge!

Your wallet (and your waistline!) will thank you!


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