Frozen Grapes on a Stick (Easiest-Ever Grape Popsicles)

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Published Updated February 27, 2024

~ Frozen grapes are deliciously transformed into perfectly simple, amazingly refreshing popsicles. So easy to make! These frozen grape pops are absolutely the post-workout snack I crave – daydream about! – all summer long! ~

This Recipe Is:     Ready in 30 Minutes or Less (Plus Freezing)    Freezable    Make Ahead    Vegan (and Vegetarian)    Gluten Free    Paleo  

Frozen grapes are deliciously transformed into perfectly simple, amazingly refreshing popsicles! So easy to make! My absolute favorite summer post-workout snack! |
Frozen grapes are deliciously transformed into perfectly simple, amazingly refreshing popsicles! So easy to make! My absolute favorite summer post-workout snack! |
Frozen grapes are deliciously transformed into perfectly simple, amazingly refreshing popsicles! So easy to make! My absolute favorite summer post-workout snack! |

Overhead of several striped popsicles laying on crushed ice with red and green grapes.

Once upon a time, I had no idea that frozen grapes were such a thing. I just knew that I desperately, wildly craved them.

This all started a couple of summers ago, when I was doing a lot of running out in the sweltering heat (because, well … this). After a run, I’d joyously stuff my face with the cold, sweet, refreshing grapes I had waiting for me in the fridge.

But I wanted more! Colder … refreshing-er.

These grape popsicles were the obvious next step. They’ve got the colder thing going on (since, you know, frozen is colder!), and they sure do have the refreshing thing going on. After a run in the hot, muggy, summer heat, these are about as icy-cold-refreshing as refreshing can possibly get!

Frozen popsicles still in the molds, with a big bunch of red grapes nearby.

The very same weekend that I first created these popsicles, we happened to be at my sister-in-law’s. I went to get something out of her freezer, and what did I spy there? A huge bowl of frozen grapes, waiting for her post-workout snacks. Huh! Maybe I was on to something! A little research, and I quickly realized … frozen grapes really are a thing! I’m not the only one who craves this sweet, frosty, refreshing little snack!

But frozen grapes on a stick (you know … aka grape popsicles) elevate that whole frozen grape concept to an even more fabulous level because they’re so portable! I happily grab one from the freezer and walk with it while I cool down. The little bits of grape are somehow even more delightful than entire frozen grapes. Plus, it’s pretty much a universal truth that food on a stick is just more fun. I don’t know why, but it’s true!

Overhead of three pops stacked on top of each other (green, red, then green on top) with individual grapes laying nearby.

Perfect. Oh my gosh, so very perfect.

It’s honestly what I daydream about mid-run: about the moment when I get to celebrate with my grape popsicle. I’m totally not kidding. These are my daydream, and I’m not even one bit ashamed to admit it!

One more bonus: they completely diminish the choking hazard of whole, frozen grapes – more kid-friendly on a hot summer day, too! (That is, if you’re willing to share these with the kiddos – your choice.)

Several striped, frozen grape pops on ice with single green and red grapes scattered amongst.

And this is absolutely a snack you can feel good about! One simple, all-natural, nutrient-filled ingredient!

But as simple as these grape popsicles seem, it wouldn’t be THK if I didn’t have a few tips to share, just to make your life easier!

Choosing Your Grapes

Any seedless table grapes will work for this recipe. My favorites are the sweet, purple-y red ones, but you can mix it up by using green grapes or even black. What’s important, though, is that you use good grapes. Because these popsicles are so very simple, with only one ingredient, that one ingredient is absolutely key. Don’t make these with subpar grapes, or you’ll just end up with subpar popsicles. Makes sense, right? You definitely want to use really sweet, flavorful grapes. This is especially true because freezing can dull the perception of sweetness a little (this happens with any fruit-based popsicle).

Frozen green grape popsicles still in the mold, with a sprig of red grapes in background.

One more flavor note: I often find that green grapes tend to be a little less sweet than red or black ones, so they yield a refreshingly more tart popsicle, with a flavor that’s sometimes almost a little like a Granny Smith apple. Bottom line is that you definitely control the flavor profile of your finished popsicles with the flavor and sweetness of the grapes you start with.

Choosing the Perfect Texture for Your Frozen Grapes

When I first made these popsicles, I really wanted them to have big, burstingly refreshing chunks of grapes in them, and I still prefer mine that way, even after making them with a whole range of different textures. My favorite version of these popsicles has big chunks – even bits as big as a quarter or a half grape in places, mixed in with other slightly smaller bits. To achieve that, I typically find that I need just 3-5 quick pulses in my blender/processor.

Rectangular white platter with two blobs of pureed red grapes - the right one more chunky - to show optional textures.
I prefer to make my grape pops with larger chunks of grapes, as shown on the right. If you prefer a slightly smoother texture, you could try making your pops with smaller bits of grapes, as pictured on the left. Just be sure not to puree them more than that, or to process them into juice.

But again, you’re in total control here. Want a smoother consistency? Just pulse an extra time or two. What you don’t want is to process the grapes into juice – that’s not really the point. We’re not going for a smooth puree here at all (somehow, that just isn’t nearly as good as frozen chunks), so be careful not to go too far with that pureeing!

Regardless of how big most of your grape chunks are, you’ll end up with a little juice in the bottom of the blender, which is absolutely desirable – perfect for “gluing” the bits of grapes together as they freeze into popsicles.

Getting Fancy

Love the fun look of the pretty striped popsicles? It’s so easy!

Because you’re not pureeing the grapes into a liquid, you don’t even have to wait for each layer to freeze before adding the next layer! The colors easily stay separated, and you get a wider range of flavors – with stripes of tart green grapes, along with stripes of sweeter red grapes, for example – all in one pretty pop!

Closeup flatlay of 5 striped popsicles on crushed ice.

A Note About Quantity

You’ll see that the basic recipe for these frozen grape pops specifies the amount for six 3-ounce popsicles.

I actually don’t personally own molds for making six pops (I adore my Norpro molds, which are for 10 pops), but I did some quick research on Amazon, and it looks like, overwhelmingly, most other popsicle molds are actually designed to make six pops – so that’s what you’re most likely to have in your home, and that’s what I went with.

No worries, though, if you’re like me and don’t own a six-mold. The recipe is easy to adapt, and I did the math conversions for both four and eight pops for you, down in the recipe card’s notes. (While you’re at it, you’re probably going to want to make a double batch, anyway, because these will disappear in a hurry!)

Flatlay of stacked pops laying on top of each other, a red one on top, with green and red grapes scattered nearby.

Didn’t know that frozen grapes are a thing? Now ya do!

Or – maybe you’re already addicted, daydreaming of frosty frozen grapes in the middle of your summer workouts? Well, these frozen grapes on a stick will take that frozen-grape craving to new, wonderful places … portable places … and places with pretty stripes …

One striped popsicle laying next to other frozen pops still in the mold, and a bunch of red grapes.

Welcome to the frozen grape fan club, friends! (Now, go work up a healthy sweat and earn that perfectly refreshing reward!)

Frozen grapes are deliciously transformed into perfectly simple, amazingly refreshing popsicles! So easy to make! My absolute favorite summer post-workout snack! |

~ by Shelley

Flatlay of stacked pops laying on top of each other, a red one on top, with green and red grapes scattered nearby.

Frozen Grapes on a Stick (Easiest-Ever Grape Popsicles)

Yield: 6 (3-ounce) popsicles
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 10 minutes

Frozen grapes are transformed into perfectly simple, amazingly refreshing popsicles. So easy to make! My absolute favorite summer post-workout snack!

  Ready in 30 Minutes or Less (Plus Freezing)    Freezable  •  Make Ahead    Vegan (and Vegetarian)    Gluten Free    Paleo  


  • 2 1/2 cups seedless grapes (see notes about measuring, quantities and varieties)


  1. Put grapes into a blender or food processor and pulse just briefly, about 3-5 times. Although you can vary the exact consistency (from very large chunks to smaller bits of grapes), you want to be careful not to fully puree or completely liquify the grapes.
  2. Spoon the grape chunks into six 3-ounce popsicle molds, dividing evenly. Gently tap the molds on the countertop or use the spoon to press the grapes down, so the grape chunks are tightly compacted without air pockets.
  3. Pour any grape juice that remains in the blender/processor evenly over all the pops. This little bit of liquid will help to "glue" the bits of frozen grapes together as the popsicles freeze.
  4. Freeze until solid, then unmold and enjoy.


Measuring: I measure the grapes in dry measuring cups first, before dumping them into my blender – I find that the grapes absolutely DON'T measure out the same way once they're in the blender, due to the fact that the blender's measurement marks are geared to measuring liquids. (For example – 2 1/2 cups of grapes, once dumped into my blender, actually measures in the blender as 3 1/2 cups – a big difference!)

Quantities: As I mentioned in the post, popsicle molds with six 3-ounce compartments seem to be the most prevalent (although the molds I own, which you see in my photos, are Norpro's highly-rated 10-pop molds). So I wrote this recipe for that amount. If your mold has four 3-ounce compartments, start with 2 cups of grapes (measured in dry measuring cups). Alternately, if your mold has eight 3-ounce compartments, start with 4 cups of grapes.

Varieties: Any seedless table grape will work for this recipe, but the quality, sweetness and flavor of the grapes you start with will have a big impact on how your grape popsicles taste once frozen. Green grapes tend to be a little less sweet, for example. Regardless of the variety, always choose good grapes – ones that are fresh and really flavorful.

To make striped popsicles: To make six 3-ounce pops, you need to begin with 2 1/2 cups of grapes, in whatever proportions or colors you choose. For the two-color pops pictured in this post, I started with 1 1/4 cups of green grapes and 1 1/4 cups of red. Blend each type of grape separately, and then carefully spoon each type of grape into your popsicle molds in 3-5 stripes, layering one on top of the other and gently pressing down on the grapes as you layer them so there are no air pockets to prevent the pops from holding together. Once you've spooned all the grapes into the molds, pour the remaining juice evenly over the pops, noting however, that you may choose not to use darker juice from red or black grapes, as that may slightly discolor lighter layers of green grapes.

Long-term storage: Once your pops are frozen, if you want to remove them from the molds (so, for example, you can use the molds to make more pops!), the best way to store your pops is individually wrapped in plastic, and then stored together in a large freezer bag.

Nutrition Information:
Yield: 6 servings Serving Size: 1 (3-ounce) popsicle
Amount Per Serving: Calories: 43Total Fat: 0gSaturated Fat: 0gTrans Fat: 0gUnsaturated Fat: 0gCholesterol: 0mgSodium: 1mgCarbohydrates: 11gFiber: 1gSugar: 10gProtein: 0g

Nutrition information should be considered an estimate only, and may vary depending on your choice of ingredients or preparation. No guarantees are made regarding allergies or dietary needs. Always consult a physician or dietician for specific advice and questions.

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    • Thanks, Pris! They really are just so fresh tasting – really cooling and thirst quenching on a hot day or after a workout! And yeah – extra great that they’re really pretty, too! 😉 ~Shelley

    • Hey, Natalie! Popsicles are so much fun to make and eat (seriously — name a better summer treat!), and I think it’s totally worth the investment in a good mold at the beginning! We use THIS ONE, which makes 24 popsicles, and have loved it! (FYI/disclaimer: this is an affiliate link. 🙂 ) Thanks so much for the great question — we just added this info into the post, as well! Happy popsicle-making, and let us know what yummy things you create!

    • I think you’ll really love it! These popsicles take the whole frozen grape idea and turn it into a refreshing, portable little treat – so absolutely, perfectly refreshing on hot summer days! And so easy to make, too! Enjoy! 🙂 ~Shelley


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