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8 Darling DIY Herb Garden Gifts (DIY Gifts for Foodies Week)

~ Looking for fresh ideas for fun, easy homemade gifts? Maybe a holiday gift idea that’ll brighten someone’s kitchen through the dreary winter? Or even teacher appreciation gifts and end-of-the-year gifts for coaches, troop leaders or bus drivers? How about hostess gifts for all those summer parties? We’ve got a whole week jam-crammed full of DIY gift inspiration, perfect for gift giving all year long! ~

8 Darling DIY Herb Garden Gifts (DIY Gifts for Foodies Week) {Two Healthy Kitchens}

Among all our other foodie gift ideas this week, you may wonder why we’d devote a whole day just to herb garden ideas. But why not!?!?

They’re a fun, easy, affordable gift to make. And they’re a terrific gift to receive, too!

Herb gardens are easy to grow, even for people who live in tiny apartments. All you need is a sunny windowsill or an outdoor ledge or table to set them on.

And, for people who love to cook, fresh herbs are the key to big flavor without big effort. Just a tiny hit of a fresh herb at the end of cooking can take a recipe from “pretty good” to “mind-blowing”! And, it’s a big, big budget bonus if you can just snip a few leaves off your plant, instead of buying those expensive little plastic containers at the grocery store (and then only using a few pennies’ worth before the container gets thrown out).


Oh … and since this is THK, let’s talk health for a minute. Did you know that science is finding that spices and herbs are literally jam-crammed with micronutrients and antioxidants? These unassuming little plants appear to pack an impressive nutritional punch!

Plus, you’ve gotta admit … these herb garden gift ideas are just too stinkin’ cute! Seriously adorable – who wouldn’t enjoy such a pretty, thoughtful gift?? From little gardens, to a make-your-own garden kit, to easy but adorable plant markers … these are really inspired ideas to get you started!

And if you’re loving these herb garden projects, be sure to stop back all week long to check out our other DIY gift ideas that are perfect for all the foodies in your life! Love making your own homemade seasonings and spice blends, darling layered gifts in jars, or yummy homemade treats that people just can’t wait to eat? Then you’ve definitely come to the right place! Our DIY Gifts Week is overflowing with inspiring ideas! Enjoy!

THK DIY Herb Garden1

Chalkboard Herb Garden from Robin from at The Robin’s Nest


THK DIY Herb Garden2

DIY Herb Garden & Plant Markers from Jen, Jamie and Jodie at Eighteen25


THK DIY Herb Garden3

DIY: Mason Jar Herb Garden from Mina at Meet Mina



THK DIY Herb Garden7

Recycled Tin Can Herb Planter Plus Printable Herb Markers from Angie at The Country Chic Cottage


THK DIY Herb Garden4

Fork & Cork Plant Markers from Virginia at Artsy Vava


THK DIY Herb Garden5Sisal Wrapped Coffee Cans from Tasya at My House and Home


THK DIY Herb Garden6

Tin Can Herb Garden from Dannyelle at Life Is a Party



THK DIY Herb Garden8

Culinary Herb Garden from Ellen at Confessions of an Overworked Mom



  1. Oh wauw, you guys are on a roll! Seems like I came back to blogging at a perfect time – I’m loving all the DIY gifts you’ve collected!! I’m thinking of sending these posts to some friends as subtle *hints* for my upcoming birthday…

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