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  1. I stumbled onto your site today and am already planning on a couple of your recipes…. I do have a question, though. Your “picky eaters” are children. How on earth do you suggest dealing with an ADULT picky eater? I take care of my sister, a disabled 43 year old… and at times, she can be one of the pickiest eaters around. 6-7 vegetables, max. No white rice, just flavored. Pasta with spaghetti sauce or butter, only. Any suggestions???

    • Hello Joanna! Thank you so much for stopping by! We hope you find some recipes that will work for your family – even a ‘picky’ adult! 🙂

      I absolutely think that much of the advice we’ve offered here (though mostly aimed at children) would apply to people of all ages!

      To begin, when you are ready to introduce your sister to a new food (or one that may not be a favorite!), try offering it with some of her favorite foods. That way, she will enjoy the foods she is comfortable with, and may not mind that there is something new on her plate. It can be overwhelming for anyone to be given an entire plate of brand-new foods! By offering her favorites alongside something different, it will be much less overwhelming, and you may find tiny steps of success!

      As far as the rice, do you think she would try brown rice? What about quinoa or freekeh? Her favorite flavored recipes could be made with any of these more nutritious grains! The flavor would still be the same, but it would be more healthy! To start, you may try making a recipe that is a blend of the newer grain and the grain you’ve been using. (She may not even notice the change!)
      Perhaps you could also try stirring in some veggies to her favorite flavored rice? Sometimes a little sauce goes a long way! 🙂 For example, she may not care for plain steamed broccoli, but loves cheesy rice … so you could stir broccoli into the cheesy rice.
      We’ve got some great salad recipes that could serve as a hearty side with dinner, or as a light lunch. These salads have whole grains, as well as loads of healthy greens and many even have a sweet burst of fruit. Perhaps she would enjoy these? Even the picky eaters at my house and at Shelley’s really enjoy them!
      Corn, Edamame and Quinoa Salad with Lemon-Dijon Vinaigrette
      Hearty Fruit and Nut Salad with Greek Yogurt Dressing
      Kale Chopped Salad with Berries and Freekeh (or Quinoa)
      Citrus Quinoa and Chickpea Salad

      Please keep us posted on how things are going! Have a wonderful weekend! ~Gretchen


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