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Our Best Slow Cooker Chicken Recipes Ever

~ This collection of Our BEST Slow Cooker Chicken Recipes EVER will definitely make dinnertime a breeze! No more stressing over what’s for dinner, or last-minute rushing around to put together a family meal. Relax – make life easy with these tried-and-true recipes your whole family will enjoy! ~

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Slow cooker chicken recipes have so much going for them!

They begin with a lean protein, and with just a few additional ingredients, they cook merrily away while you go off and enjoy your day. No babysitting required. No firing up the oven (which is especially great on hot summer days).

They’re just so simple!

You come home after a long day to a house full of delicious smells and a wonderful family meal that’s ready and waiting for you. Brilliant! And so totally, blissfully easy!

There’s a reason slow cooker chicken recipes are one of the most popular types of recipes here on our site – they tick off all three of our boxes for recipe success:

√ Easy!

√ Healthy!

√ Delicious!

So whether you’re looking for warm, cozy soups and stews for chilly days, or for crockpot chicken sandwiches you can make all year ’round … we’ve got ya covered!

After hour upon hour of testing and retesting, tweaking recipes and picking the winners … these are absolutely our best chicken slow cooker recipes ever.

Try some of these family-tested, family- approved adored recipes … and get ready for your life to be just a leeeeetle bit easier!

Our Best Slow Cooker Chicken Recipes Ever

Ready to make life easier? (I mean … who isn’t?!?) Start by simplifying dinnertime with some of these easy recipes!

Ahhhhhh … a delicious meal, a happy family … and a more relaxed YOU! Total win!


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And If You Also Love Your Instant Pot …

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Just another set of tools in your sanity-saving dinnertime tool kit!

So grab some of these ideas … and go make dinner EASY!

Note: this page has been full updated, and was originally posted on July 26, 2018 as “Crockpot Chicken Recipes That’ll Make Your Life EASIER!”