Spooky Spider Halloween Appetizer Dip

Prep Time 5 min.
Cook Time 0 min.
Total Time 5 min.
Serves 1 spider



  • 1 orange bell pepper (a purple-black pepper would be great, too)
  • 1 sliced black olive


Cut the bottom off the pepper, to form the shape of the spider's body. (See note.)

From the remaining sides of the pepper, cut 8 long, slender slices for the spider's legs.

Cut two tiny triangles from the olive slice to from the eyes.

Arrange the spider's body and legs on top of your appetizer dip (see note for dip suggestions). Then, lay the two triangle eyes into place. (As mentioned in the post, if your spider's head is slanted such that the eyes keep sliding off, you can try using a very tiny dab of dip to help hold the eyes in place.)

Serve alongside vegetables or whole-grain crackers, as desired.


Recipe Notes

Spider body shape: As we show in the photos in the post above, choosing the right pepper at the market is key to getting a great "spider" body shape. However, if the bottom of your pepper doesn't have the right shape, you can also carefully use a sharp paring knife to cut a body from the sidewalls of the pepper.

Dip suggestions: This appetizer dip idea will work well with pretty much any type of dip, as long as it isn't so thin and runny that it can't keep the spider's body parts in place. We offer a number of ideas in the post above, but our favorite way to serve this is with a green dip (just because it looks more Halloween-y), such as our Edamame Hummus.

Make-ahead tips: You can cut out the pieces for your spider several hours or a day ahead. Wrap and store them in the refrigerator, so they're all ready to assemble on top of your appetizer dip. You can also place them on the dip ahead of time, but be careful that they aren't smashed down if you wrap or cover the dip to keep it fresh until serving.

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