A Tour of Our New Recipe Card … Shopping Lists, Easier Searching, and More!

~ Our brand-new recipe card has loads of great info and functionality we think you’ll love … all designed to make your life easier! Check out what’s new! ~ Here at THK, our goal has always been to help you find quick, easy ways to eat deliciously healthy foods that power … Continue reading

Why I Run (a Teen Girl’s Perspective)

~ Last week, my mom posted about why she runs. Before I read her post, I wanted to write my own version – from my perspective. I thought that maybe we would view running differently, and maybe some of our readers that didn’t relate to and weren’t inspired by her post might … Continue reading

Why I Run (a Mom’s Perspective) … and Why I Want You to Join Me (Maybe!)

~ Here at THK, we typically focus on just one aspect of healthy living – deliciously great nutrition. But when we polled our readers a few months ago, they were interested in expanding to some other related topics, too. So today, I’m dishing up a little inspiration to kick-start our summer … Continue reading

The Results Are In! (Here’s What You Told Us In Our 2016 Reader Survey)

~ So many of you took a moment from your busy days to give us great feedback, ideas and suggestions! We’re excited to get working on new ways to make Two Healthy Kitchens even BETTER … for you! Here’s what you told us … ~ You might remember that we kicked … Continue reading

Happy 2014!

Happy, Happy New Year to all of our wonderful THK readers! We hope you’re having a truly fabulous, healthy holiday filled with laughter, hugs and lots of unforgettable moments with family and friends! From watching our kiddos’ eyes sparkling with the excitement of the season, to sharing precious time with loved ones we … Continue reading