Egg-amole (Mexican Egg Salad with Avocado and Greek Yogurt)

THK Eggamole1

~ Packed with nutrition, this creamy egg salad is fantastic as a dip, or on a sandwich! You’ll never even miss the mayo! So easy – just 6 simple ingredients! ~ With Easter just around the corner (and our post on the secrets of perfect hard-cooked eggs having just gone up on Tuesday), … Continue reading

Cheesy Pepperoni Pizza Burgers

THK Pizza Burger Text2

~ Everyone’s favorite flavors of pizza and hamburgers combined in one juicy, satisfying sandwich! Quick and easy – with make-ahead tips, too! ~ So when you ask your family what they want for dinner, we’re gonna bet we can guess a couple things that often top their wish lists: pizza and … Continue reading

No-Bake Fruit “Pizzas”

THK Fruit Pizza8

~ This is so fun and perfect for quick meals or snacks! If your kids love Lunchables but you’d like something a little healthier, then this super-flexible idea is for you! Makes a perfect bento box lunch kit! Fast, easy and so yummy! ~ When the kids head back to school, … Continue reading

Strawberry-Peanut Butter Quesadillas

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A New Twist on an Old Favorite! Peanut butter in a quesadilla, you ask? Sure – why not?!? The tired old PB&J could use a modern makeover, and your kiddos could use a little excitement in their lunch hour! But is there cheese in a peanut butter quesadilla, you ask? NO!!! (Don’t … Continue reading