A Tour of Our New Recipe Card … Shopping Lists, Easier Searching, and More!

~ Our brand-new recipe card has loads of great info and functionality we think you’ll love … all designed to make your life easier! Check out what’s new! ~

Here at THK, our goal has always been to help you find quick, easy ways to eat deliciously healthy foods that power your busy life.

So, we’re excited to announce a change that may seem small … but adds up to big, big new functionality for our readers! (Imagine trumpets heralding gleefully …)

A new recipe card! So much prettier and elegant, and also so clean and easy to read!

Plus … all sorts of new features, like …

Shopping Lists

A shopping list function to help you plan multiple meals and recipes and collate it all into one handy list as you dash to the store. Yay! You just save all the THK recipes you’re planning to make, and we build your shopping list for you! You’ll be all ready for your next trip to the grocery store.

To begin making a shopping list by adding a recipe, just click on the “Shopping List” icon in the upper righthand corner of a recipe (as shown in the photo above on the left). You’ll see the label on the icon change to read “View Shopping List” (as shown in the photo above on the right). When you click that “View Shopping List” button, you’ll see something that looks like this:

In the Shopping List above, I have all the ingredients to make the Crunchy Granola Snack Bites, as well as dinner for tonight – the ingredients for Sheet Pan Chicken. I can remove either recipe, or go back and add more recipes to the shopping list (just remember to hit “Reload List” each time you’ve added more recipes).

And, right in that edit screen, I can make changes, like deleting items I don’t want to buy, in case there are things I already have on hand in the pantry. So easy!

If you’re on desktop, you can print out a hard-copy list. Or, if you’re on mobile, when you hit “Print” it takes you to a perfectly-sized screen with your whole list. And off to the market you go!

Prep Time and Cook Time Estimates

Right at the top of every recipe card, you’ll see estimates of how much prep time you’ll need (for chopping, measuring, stirring, and so forth) and how long the cooking will take (whether that’s baking time in the oven, simmering time in the slow cooker, or heating time on the stovetop). Lots of our recipes are no-bake or no-cook, so the cook time there will actually be a big ol’ zero (zilch, nada, nothing!).

This info is something that a lot of other blogs offer, but we’ve specifically held off on it for a long time, just because everybody cooks at a different pace, and it seemed so difficult (and possibly even a little misleading) to attempt to accurately predict precisely how long a recipe might take any specific person to complete.

Doesn’t it always feel like the timing estimates are way, way off on most of the recipes you make? You think the recipe writer must have superhuman chopping powers, or their water must boil twice as fast as yours. Yeah. I know. That’s why most “30-minute meals” really aren’t. We hear ya.

But it’s such a common practice to include those guidelines, that we finally decided to add them in … but with some helpful caveats. We’ve got a whooooole separate post coming up about how to accurately estimate REAL prep times, and info on how we’ve calculated ours. Stay tuned!

Improved Recipe Search Capabilities

I’ve been disappointed for a long time by the options we’ve had for indexing and categorizing all our past recipes and for helping our readers search to find precisely the types of recipes you want. But all that’s changing! Seems like such a simple thing, right?!? But trust me – the fact that our recipes are finally going to be more searchable – and that this new search and index function actually works – well, it all feels practically too good to be true! (Touch wood, touch wood.)

It’s taken a ton of effort and hours to accomplish (both for me and for my tech team), and, to be honest, we’re still not quite fully finished, but already I think you’ll find the improvements so much handier, so much more useful!

Now, at the top of each post, you’ll find a few bullet points to help you see immediately, at a glance, some of the parameters you might be most interested in, before you even head down to the recipe card itself. Things like if the recipe can be made ahead, if it’s ready in 30 minutes, if it’s freezable, and even if it jives with some of the major dietary concerns – like paleo, vegan, vegetarian, or gluten free.

And, because of these handy little additions, you can also now search for recipes in a way you never could before. Just pop to our index, and you’ll find several new categories (in addition to all the ones we’ve always had):

  • 30 Minutes or Less
  • Freezable
  • Gluten Free
  • Includes Make-Ahead Steps
  • Paleo
  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian

You can also use our categories search bar (in the righthand sidebar if you’re on desktop), and look for any of those specific categories there. Easy!

Nope … we’re not becoming a strictly gluten-free, paleo, vegan, 30-minutes-or-less blog! But sometimes it’s just so helpful to know right off the bat if a recipe is right for certain occasions. I mean, don’t we all have times when we’ve gotta find a brunch recipe that also happens to be vegan (to help our sister’s new vegan boyfriend feel welcome), or a fantastic dinner party recipe that’ll be ok for our gluten-free cousin? Problem solved!

Here at THK, we’ve got four years of recipes for you … and now you can really and truly (easily!) search through them any time you’re looking for something. Ok … I’ve gushed enough … I think you can kinda tell what an exciting breakthrough this is! Moving on …

Adjust the Number of Servings

Hey, hey – this is seriously cool, too (more gushing)!

My tech gurus (trust me … I could never, in any possible way, create this kind of behind-the-scenes tech magic myself!) have even created an easy way for you to adjust the amount a recipe will yield.

Let’s say you want to double a recipe. Okey doke … just click a button! Boom! The calculations are done for you.

In the photo at the left above, you can see where you’d click on “Adjust Servings.” In the photo at the right, you can see that I’ve adjusted the yield to make a double batch (that’s why it says “adjusted for 2”) – and all of the ingredients in the ingredient list have been doubled.

Kapow! Pretty magical, actually. Well, tech magic … which is one of the very best kinds of magic, as far as I’m concerned!

Now, I will admit that, at the moment, it still does a slightly clunky job of calculating fractions (sometimes converting them to decimals – just be forewarned) but that seems a small price to pay. I’m still counting this as MAJOR progress, and I hope it’ll make your life so much easier the next time you need to make a double- or triple-batch of a recipe for a big potluck party!

Recipe Sharing

Right there on the recipe card are buttons to help you archive and share a recipe you like – by saving it to Pinterest or Yummly, for example. Or you can share it with a friend on Facebook or by sending a quick email. So much easier!


Psssst … and don’t forget that little bar at the bottom … where it says we’d love to see your recipe creations! Seriously – snap a pic and tag us! We’d love to be right there in the kitchen with you, but this is pretty much the next best thing!


Printing the Recipe Card

As always, you can also hit the “print” button on the recipe card if you’re the type who likes to cook from a real piece of paper, and not a computer screen. I have to admit – I actually kind of am!

It’s all set to print, quickly and easily with no color photos to hog your ink. Nice!

Like I said … lots of little changes, but it all adds up to make our site quicker and easier for you, our readers! Please – let us know what you think!

We’re still not completely done with the full conversion process, and will undoubtedly be making little tweaks and adjustments for a long time to come. But I definitely wanted to give you a heads-up about all the changes we’ve been working on and how they can make your life even easier (at least … your cooking life!) from this very moment on.

So, check it all out … and let us know what’s working well for you, and what other functionality you’d like to see!

I can 100%, unashamedly tell you that I will probably have no idea whatsoever how to do the technical hocus-pocus behind-the-scenes coding that can make it all happen for you. But I sure know who does! I know my tech team (huge shoutout to Jim, Lexi, Casandra, Leslie, and the whole gang at Simple Recipe Pro … you guys rock!) is excited to learn about what blog readers would like to see, and what would make our recipe card and searching/indexing even better, even more useful for YOU!

So don’t hesitate to ask! I’m here to make all your healthy recipe dreams come true … and my tech yodas are here to do the coding! 😉 We can’t wait for your feedback!




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  1. WOW! Amazing! I cannot wait to sit a spell and use these new features! I will pass this along to my friends! Made my busy life much easier!

    • Oh, Trudi, I’m so absolutely delighted to hear that you’re already finding these new features useful! You absolutely made my day! 😀 Thank you so much for taking a moment to leave such a sweet comment! And definitely – as you continue trying things and using the new features, let me know if you have any “wish list” ideas I can pass along to my (*awesome*) tech team! Have a wonderful weekend! ~Shelley

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